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    While I Recover My Brain

    Here is a Fun Video… Or a better way of putting it… Writer’s at Play… On the last night of the Master Business Class workshop, four instructors and three attending writers decided to go on the Fremont Street Zip Line in Las Vegas. Back at the party in the Golden Nugget Hotel the others kept up with our progress through texts I was sending back. And many came down to watch us fly over when the time came. I decided to get a helmet camera to film it all. Christina F. York, the science fiction and mystery writer was one of our instructors. She is in the middle with two…

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    A Fun Evening

    Kris Finished Another Novel… So we went to see Queen with Adam Lambert to celebrate. Wow, if you get a chance to see them together, do not miss it. Let me repeat that. Do not miss it. And tonight was Freddy Mercury’s birthday, which made it all the more special. Besides being a major fan of the music, of Lambert, and of the group Queen since they started back in 1970 or so, I watched for two hours the stark reminder that age has nothing to do with anything unless you let it. Brian May and Roger Taylor were just flat stunning. Brian might be the best working guitar player,…

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    Playing Some Cards and Cat Pictures

    Yes, I Am Doing More Than Packing A House… Not only did we have the great Friday night meeting and another fun one on Sunday at lunch, but over the last few days I have been going with a writer friend and his wonderful wife to play in some poker tournaments. Sunday, she and I won the tournament. (Called chopping…) Last night I was the first out. Both tournaments were fun and I made some nice money overall. Then this evening a couple other professional writers joined me and our visitors for a long dinner and discussions. We actually didn’t talk much writing or cats. Just fun having dinner with…

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    Second Day of Exercise and Fun Pictures

    Just As With Writing Restart… I am ramping up slowly. I spent my first week here in Vegas resting and working around the condo. Kris would go off to one of the gyms to run and I would go with her and explore the area or do errands. This week, starting yesterday, I got on the exercise clothes (what a slightly overweight 67-year-old wears… sweat pants and a baggy tee-shirt) and went with Kris to the gym. I walked the track while she ran, doing about three miles. And actually ran about 1/8th of a mile to see how it felt. (awful) Today I went again with her and ran…

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    Another Picture of the New Office

    Under Construction… Life goes on. A second blog tonight. I worked today with my trusty companion, Gavin, to put together another new desk for my office. Tomorrow I start exercising. And maybe do a little writing on a story for a charity anthology honoring another friend who just died. And some workshop stuff for the Master Business Class. Kris got this picture right before we headed out for lunch.  

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    At My New Desk

    Still Only Partially Moved In… But moved in enough that I am typing this from the new desk and will get assignments and such caught up tomorrow. And I have a second new desk to put together still. And a ton of getting paperwork together. But over the next few days I will be getting caught up. And finally I will be sending out hotel codes for the Master Business Class and Anthology workshop. So stay tuned for those if you are signed up. Also will be catching up a ton of other stuff. Amazing how far behind a person can get on a monster move. Stay tuned. Almost there.…

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    Nifty Stuff In the Bookstore

    Most Of You Don’t Know This… Our bookstore, North By Northwest Books and Antiques has one of the largest pharmaceutical collections in the world. All for sale. Sheldon McArthur, the former owner, loved collecting the stuff and he even found old drugstores that had gone out of business in the 1940s but nothing had been touched for fifty years. He would go there and clean them out. I bought it all when I bought the bookstore. Well, our store and strange collection was discovered by a YouTube program called Finding Goodies where these guys go around and look for nifty stuff and do videos about it. Dan (who does an…

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    Thirty-Two Great Years

    Thirty-Two Years Ago I Met Kris in Albuquerque Algis Budrys had asked me to stop there and give two writers a ride to Taos, New Mexico where we were all attending a conference. Kris was one of those writers. We have been together ever since. I consider that the luckiest day of my life. We celebrate this day (May 4th) ever since. Kris (on Facebook) put up this picture of us taken at Taos that first week. I was thirty-five, Kris was twenty-five. So I thought I would show you a few more pictures in celebration of the thirty-two years. This picture is about a year or so later. Kris…

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    A Writer in the Air

    LAS VEGAS FUN… Las Vegas is a ton of fun. Not only did I write an entire novel while there, but I also enjoyed time with my friends. First photo is looking back at the six blocks. I am on the left. Second photo is me getting closer to the landing. The third picture is me and my friend Lenny hanging over the landing pads. That will give you an idea about the video below. The video is a short version of my flight on the Slotzilla zipline in downtown Las Vegas from the viewpoint of that helmet cam I was wearing.  Short version means I cut out all the…

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    Store Pictures

    The New WMG Publishing Store Pop Culture Collectables #2 Professional writer J. Steven York stopped by the new store and took some photos. He has all of them on his Facebook page, but he generously gave me permission to show some of them here. He’s such a great photographer I couldn’t pass up the chance. Thanks, Steve! To start off with, the store is three very large rooms, over three thousand square feet. A large part of it is books, and yes, a large section is just WMG books. So impossible to capture everything in every nook and cranny. But here is a general tour. The first picture is looking back…