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While I Recover My Brain

Here is a Fun Video…

Or a better way of putting it… Writer’s at Play…

On the last night of the Master Business Class workshop, four instructors and three attending writers decided to go on the Fremont Street Zip Line in Las Vegas.

Back at the party in the Golden Nugget Hotel the others kept up with our progress through texts I was sending back. And many came down to watch us fly over when the time came.

I decided to get a helmet camera to film it all. Christina F. York, the science fiction and mystery writer was one of our instructors. She is in the middle with two attending writers on either side of her as the video starts. She wanted to do this to celebrate her 70th birthday. And she did fantastic.

One of our other instructors, Loren Coleman, bestselling novelist and CEO of Catalyst Game Lab is the person I am talking to. Instructor Mark Leslie and another writer were a few groups behind us.

I must warn you, there is a little swearing in this video by me. Turn off the sound if that bothers you. But got a hunch you would swear to. This is scary, to say the least. (grin) And I have done it before.

This was an amazingly fun way to end a really fun workshop. We all got drinks on the way back to the party after this. Trust me, we all needed them. Not only because of the ride on the zip line, but from five days of publishing information overload.

Thanks everyone, for a very, very fun week.