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    Thirty-Two Great Years

    Thirty-Two Years Ago I Met Kris in Albuquerque Algis Budrys had asked me to stop there and give two writers a ride to Taos, New Mexico where we were all attending a conference. Kris was one of those writers. We have been together ever since. I consider that the luckiest day of my life. We celebrate this day (May 4th) ever since. Kris (on Facebook) put up this picture of us taken at Taos that first week. I was thirty-five, Kris was twenty-five. So I thought I would show you a few more pictures in celebration of the thirty-two years. This picture is about a year or so later. Kris…

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    A Writer in the Air

    LAS VEGAS FUN… Las Vegas is a ton of fun. Not only did I write an entire novel while there, but I also enjoyed time with my friends. First photo is looking back at the six blocks. I am on the left. Second photo is me getting closer to the landing. The third picture is me and my friend Lenny hanging over the landing pads. That will give you an idea about the video below. The video is a short version of my flight on the Slotzilla zipline in downtown Las Vegas from the viewpoint of that helmet cam I was wearing.  Short version means I cut out all the…

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    Store Pictures

    The New WMG Publishing Store Pop Culture Collectables #2 Professional writer J. Steven York stopped by the new store and took some photos. He has all of them on his Facebook page, but he generously gave me permission to show some of them here. He’s such a great photographer I couldn’t pass up the chance. Thanks, Steve! To start off with, the store is three very large rooms, over three thousand square feet. A large part of it is books, and yes, a large section is just WMG books. So impossible to capture everything in every nook and cranny. But here is a general tour. The first picture is looking back…

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    29 Great Years

    Twenty-nine years ago today, Algis Budrys instructed me to give another writer a lift from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Taos for a week-long workshop. That writer was Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Here is a picture of what we looked like in 1986. We have been together ever since. Here is what we look like hundreds of novels, hundreds and hundreds of short stories, and 29 years later. Happy Day, Kris. It’s been great fun, to say the least.