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Second Day of Exercise and Fun Pictures

Just As With Writing Restart…

I am ramping up slowly. I spent my first week here in Vegas resting and working around the condo. Kris would go off to one of the gyms to run and I would go with her and explore the area or do errands.

This week, starting yesterday, I got on the exercise clothes (what a slightly overweight 67-year-old wears… sweat pants and a baggy tee-shirt) and went with Kris to the gym. I walked the track while she ran, doing about three miles. And actually ran about 1/8th of a mile to see how it felt. (awful)

Today I went again with her and ran about a quarter of a mile total and walked a couple miles on the track. Running felt better today and I actually ran with Kris one full lap. (I am proud of that, actually.)

I am purposely not pushing. And wow am I eating healthier as well. Down two pounds in one week and want to maintain that pace.

So ramping up slowly.


Want to see a couple nifty pictures of some professional fiction writers?

The first one is of professional writers J. Steven York, Chris York (mystery writers Christy Fifield and Christy Evans), and Kristine Kathryn Rusch (also Kris Nelscott and Kristine Grayson). Lot of pro writers in this picture. They are at Hamilton here in Las Vegas.

Next picture is of Kris messing around in front of the theater with Chris York giving her “a look.” I have been known to give Kris that look at times as well. But honestly, she gives me that look just as often. This photo by J. Steven York, who was correctly staying out of it all.


Monthly Regular Workshops…

You can find them under Online Workshops to the right of this post. Sign up for July on For credits or workshops beyond July, write me and pay through Paypal.

Each regular workshop is 6 weeks long.

Again, it will take you about three hours per week on your own pace to do each of these if you do the assignments. These are the starting dates of upcoming regular workshops.

All have openings at the moment.

Class #1… July 10th … Depth #3: Research
Class #2… July 10th … Author Voice
Class #3… July 10th … Dialog
Class #4… July 10th … Writing into the Dark
Class #5… July 10th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #6… July 10th … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #7… July 11th … Depth in Writing
Class #8… July 11th … Business
Class #9… July 11th … Writing Fantasy
Class #10… July 11th … Information Flow
Class #11… July 11th … Magic Bakery
Class #12… July 11th … Advanced Depth

Again, if you don’t have credits, sign up direction at Teachable.


  • Philip

    I’m diabetic so I’ve been doing this keto diet. It’s all protein, fat, and green veggies. No sugar, bread, pasta, etc. I’ve dropped 25 lbs in 8 weeks and my numbers have been awesome. I bring it up here because it works for non-diabetics, too. You made a good point in Writing Into the Dark (I believe) about how health is important to a writer. I’ve written more words on this diet than I have in the prior year combined (not that that’s a lot to achieve).

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, Philip, I work my way toward that form of eating, mostly because of the joint swelling caused by gluten in breads. What I and doctors thought was damaged joint swelling from all my years of sports turned out to be from gluten which I discovered by accident, then read up on the swelling in joints caused by gluten. Something I did not know.

      • Kate Pavelle

        Angie B. recommended the Abascal Way book (There is a “to quiet inflammation diet” group on FB with details). It’s targeted toward joint and immune health, and it helped me immensely. I haven’t dropped pounds until my girls went on a paleo/keto type diet. I joined in. Cutting out all forms of sugar, and most processed carbs, did the trick for me. When we allowed ourselves a cheat day for a birthday, the cake sent me into a sugar headache and a bloated, miserable energy crash. Sugar is evil. Congratulations on your progress, Dean! And don’t be self-conscious about looks, dude. You’re hot the way my karate sensei is hot and he’s your age. Just sayin’. 😉

        • dwsmith

          Yup, cutting carbs, gluten, and limiting sugar is stunning in how good it makes you feel and how the weight drops off. Working toward that now as I bring up the exercise. Thanks!!

          • Marlene Jensen

            Actually gluten is only half the problem. Have you read The Plant Paradox? It says the problem is lectins — of which gluten is just one. I’ve been on a low lectin eating regime now for about 2 months. Lost 15 pounds without trying. I’m just not as hungry. Also was able to go off acid reflux medicine. It’s especially great for any auto-immune problems.

  • Rich F. Kacy

    Well done on the gym, but don’t forget to do some weightlifting. It’s one of the best forms of exercise for those of us who have seen the years flash by!

    • dwsmith

      Oh, planning on that and a lot of other types of exercise. Strength training, but that won’t start until I get the weight down and the running up. Then that layers in. However, twice a week I will be doing a little swimming starting in a month or so.