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Went Running Again

Pride Run at the Springs Preserve here in downtown Las Vegas.

Running around a desert in the middle of the city starting at 7 am. The Preserve is a fantastic place and Kris and I support it by being yearly members.

But 7 am???

I went to bed at 2:30 am, got up at 6 am. Picture below of me trying to pin my bib on as the sun comes up. Yeah, that was fun. Sharp-pointy-things and no sleep go well together.

My hip is feeling better, so thought I would give the 5K a try. I did fine. I actually stayed with the leaders of the 5k for about 3/4 of a mile, (not bad for an old fat man) then decided to give the hip a little rest. Satisfied with the run and ended up first in my age group.

Then we stopped at an estate sale in a classic rich neighborhood on the way to breakfast. Kris and I liked to go in them because of the architecture. It was a fantastic mid-century rich-person’s former home. The picture is of me trying on a pink hat that Steph ended up buying for 75 cents because it looked great on her.

There was a fantastic and near-mint whicker and dark mahogany bedroom set with two large chest-of drawers and a bed headboard and footboard set (with a brand new $3,000 mattress on it). All three pieces had to be over sixty years old, at least, and worth a good $5,000 minimum, maybe more, not counting the mattress. Price was $300 for everything. But we live in a condo, no room for something that massive and besides, we have cats.

Then off for a great lunch.

So pictures below of me, Kris, Steph, and Val having a great start to a beautiful Saturday.

Cheeps wondering what the hell was going on so early…
There was swearing... 6:30 AM… Of course there was swearing.
Kris is way too happy before 7 am
Showing off well-deserved finishers medals
Amazing Kris got a picture she was laughing so hard. (Bed in background.)

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