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Out On The Town Again

Another Great Show Tonight…

Las Vegas is an amazing place to live, simply because in fifteen minutes we can be from our condo to the arena where Hugh Jackman was performing. And then come home afterwards in a very short time as well.

But tonight we decided that since we hadn’t gone to the gym today, we needed steps for our Fitbits. So we left an hour sooner than we needed to, parked in Mandalay Bay, walked through that monster casino, caught the tram to Excalibur Casino, walked over the sky bridge to New York, New York Casino, through the corner of that, and then across the sky bridge to the MGM Grand Casino. Then all the way to the far corner of that massive property to the MGM Grand Arena to see Hugh Jackman. (We could have parked three minutes from the arena.)

So a good two miles of walking one way. Two miles back, got our exercise and we got to see an amazing show. He really was amazing and we had fantastic seats. And he even (at one point) did Wolverine. He can dance, he can sing, and he tells great stories. Great night.

So as normal when we hit the town, some goofy pictures of me and Kris.

Standing in line waiting to get in the arena…

Kris standing in front of the huge screen beside the stage. You can see how close our sets were to the stage.

Me making faces at Kris’s attempt at a selfie in our seats…


    • dwsmith

      I always wanted to move here, but had no idea it would be this good a place to actually live. And Kris hated the idea of ever moving here, but then warmed to the idea and now loves it more than I do. The Strip and Fremont Street are not this city. Although we know our way around both. They are just what the tourists see.