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    Lifetime Subscribers Special Bonus

    Lifetime Subscribers Should Have Gotten a Letter from Me… If you did not, chances are that means you have your email on Teachable turned off and are not getting any notices. Since we are not doing any full, site-wide half-price sales anymore, WMG Publishing thought it would be a nice gesture to offer those of you with Lifetime Subscriptions to any of our series a special Flash Sale. This is just for the lifetime subscribers. Sorry. And a one-time thing only good until Sunday night. So if you are a lifetime subscriber and are interested and didn’t get a letter from me, write me directly or message me here and…

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    Fun Day!!

    All July Workshops Are Up and Available… That includes the two new workshops, Heinlein’s Rules and Media Kit. Full list is below, but all are now available. And this time of great forgetting is so bad this year, half of the classes have no one in them, which is going to make my month very easy if some don’t sign up soon. As it is, many of the classes except the two new ones are like getting private lessons from me. Remember, this is the last month for Power Words and Making a Living with Novels before they mosey off to the Classic Workshops fields and I will not respond…

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    Pulphouse Got A “Project We Love” from Kickstarter

    Funded in Under Two Hours And then about 15 minutes later Kickstarter gave us the “Project We Love” designation, which is wonderful. So off to a good start. Now to get to the first stretch goals and start getting all backers fun books full of great stories and also some great Pop-Up writer classes. So give it a look at Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive And here is the video of me talking about it. (Might have to click it twice if it doesn’t start the first time.)

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    Pulphouse Subscription Drive 2022 is LIVE!!

    Just launched! This is to support Pulphouse Fiction Magazine subscriptions. You can get a year (6 issues electronic or paper) and a bunch of other stuff, including all 12 of the Pulphouse anthologies we have done, plus the two special ones as well. And workshops! The two special workshops are nifty and ONLY OFFERED THROUGH THE KICKSTARTER. So don’t miss those. And other regular workshops, including lifetimes. So take a look!  It’s live. Pulphouse Fiction River Subscription Drive 2022

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    Fun Collection Class

    Thieves Collection Class I think this might be the most fun collection 9-week class we have done. The topic of Thieves can be in any genre and cover just about anything.  Got two other collection classes starting as well today, but the Thieves to me sounds like the most fun. At the end of 9 weeks you have written five new stories and published a collection. I’m thinking a romance thieves collection would be great. Or maybe a thieves in Space Opera. Thieves topic and focus just fits anywhere. Fun. Just started today. Also the first classes in the July Regular Workshops started today as well. And the second sessions…

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    Good Time for a Challenge

    Beginning of July… Six months until the end of the year. Always a great time to start a challenge. I’m going to fire at 12 novels in six months. And yes, already got started on the first one tonight. Got four challenges on Teachable. Write six novels in one year (one every two months), write a novella per month, write a short story per week, or publish a major book every month. All four of those challenges will really make the second half of this year be a focused and good one. (I just looked at those and went “Doing all four at the same time would be great fun.”…

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    Email Issues

    GMail is My Account… If anyone is expecting me to respond to an email sent to the dean@deanwesleysmith.com address, send it to my gmail email address, which I have been using now for years. The .com email, with the move to this site’s new home, seems to have finally given up the ghost. And it was bad and spotty before. I will try to return it next week to a functioning status, but please don’t use it. Thanks!!

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    Challenge Mixed Bag

    Didn’t Hit It, but Still All Right… My challenge starting in 2022 was to write a short story per day. 365 days. I knew clear back in November when I finished the 70 Books in my 70th Year and started thinking about this challenge again that I would have trouble with it. And not for most writer’s reasons. I knew I would have trouble keeping track and doing something with all the stories. I thought I had that solved. Nope. I wrote 31 stories in January and a story every day in February and a story per day for the first half of March… Going fine, having no issues other…

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    Wow, I Am Surprised…

    Time of Great Forgetting and an American Holiday… Got all that. But I guess I am wrong. Two classes I thought we would get a lot of people signing up for, and being excited to take, and no one. Crickets… At least so far. First off, having Kris talk for almost four hours about writing and the business of writing and surviving in the business for thirty years in the Interview Classes. She talks about ten of her major series over four hours of me asking her questions about the series and publishing and writing. The people who got it free on the Kickstarter are signing up, but not one…

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    Interview Videos With Kris

    The Interview Videos with Kristine Kathryn Rusch Are Up! The 10 series interviews were a part of the Stretch Goal bonuses in the Kristine Kathryn Rusch Starter Kit Kickstarter Campaign. I was to interview Kris about the ten series that were in the starter kit. Each interview was going to be separate on Teachable, but Kris and I soon realized that would not be the best, so we still did the ten interviews, but they are now ten different sections of the same class. Over 40 different videos. We were going to charge $50 each interview per series, but then decided that by combining them we could charge just $300…