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    A Bunch of Pictures

    From Today’s Two Charity Runs… Up stupidly early for a cancer charity run that Donny Osmond backs and was there.  Kris just kicked my ass, but I still finished four minutes faster than my time at the Vegas Strong run two weeks ago. It felt slower, but I was faster and got 4th in my age category. But Kris got 3rd in her age group. Not at all sure what got into her, but I stayed with her and ahead of her for the first two miles, then she just left me in the dust. Then a great breakfast at a favorite restaurant, The Squeeze Inn, and home for a…

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    Some Running Pics

    Just For Fun… I have such bad allergies yesterday and today, I can barely focus. So doing this is about all that I can manage. First is a great picture of Kris out on the course. Second is a picture of Kris crossing the finish line. Third picture of me out on the course working to stay with the guy in the hat in front of me. He’s a year older than I am at 72 so we are in the same age group for awards, which neither one of us won this time around. Me crossing the finish line with him. That was a win for me.

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    Some Updates and Other Fun Stuff

    First Practice Run… Actually, no real running, only 2.5 miles of walking because no one cared that the course was short. For me, the practice came at getting up so early to go running. It was fun. First real run is Sunday, with an actual 5k course and timing bibs. I figure this coming Sunday will set the mark for the slowest of the year as I do more and more running and the weight drops over the fall. That is the plan, anyway. (grin) Publishing Fun… I spent most of today laying out the next issue of Smith’s Monthly. I do all the covers, all the layout, and, of…

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    Exercise and Weight Update

    First 5K Run Is In One Month… Yikes, not having the weight-loss success I had hoped. In fact, I suck. I even gained a pound this last week. I have been eating much healthier. And fewer calories. The problem is the exercise. I get started, then get focused on something else and just flat forget. Start a streak, miss, forget. Two months now of that. Some good things are that my muscles and skin are tightening up, and it is getting easier to run, even though I am still heavier than I want to be. But wow, the intense discipline I thought I could bring to this has not arrived…

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    Slowly Building… Very slowly, but making progress. And to do that, just like writing (or pretty much anything), I need a goal to build the habits. I have twenty pounds to drop to get to a decent running weight. Thirty pounds to feel lighter. So about three months or so ago, I actually started to pay attention to what I was eating, calories (yes, I know, but this is the way that works for me.) Eating rounded meals and watching it all, and over the last month I very seldom missed my 1500 to 1800 calories day. Portions and better snacks helped. My regular search on my phone is how…

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    May 1st Restart

    Some Months Make More Sense Than Others to Restart… For me, I am used May 1st to restart a number of things. First, I am restarting my minimum milage per day. I clock steps and for me 2,000 steps on my Fitbit is almost always exactly one mile. So starting May 1st I am going to hit 3 miles (6,000 steps) per day and then every week increase that by 500 steps. I need the exercise and why May 1st is a good time to do that is because as the weather warms up here in Vegas, I will be spending a lot of time daily at the gym, which…

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    Running Pictures

    Motivational Monday… Since in the Motivational Monday videos tomorrow, I talk about my running and how just not stopping is the key in running and writing, I figured for Sunday I would post some running pictures I promised last Monday. So here they are. All copyright Rock and Role Marathon except the last one. First one about a mile after the start. I’m still running fine. Damn this was crazy fun. Second picture is somewhere in the middle of the miles…Pretty much everyone around me was walking. Third picture is nearing the finish of the 13 miles… I’m back running again, if you call it that… Picture just after the…

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    Finished the Half Marathon

    Not Fast, but Finished… I purposely made myself keep a slower pace because I am still overweight from my running weight and have been so stupidly busy over the last three weeks I haven’t trained at all. My goal with the scar on the bottom of my foot was to just finish. (Scar ended up not bothering me at all.) So started off with so much traffic around the closed Strip, I just gave up getting too close and parked about 1.2 miles away from the finish exist and it was another two miles to get from my car to the starting line. So total for the day just right…

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    Short Run Down

    Long One to Go… Great fun. Seemed like a billion people but guessing around twenty thousand. I ran some, walked a lot, mostly because so many people and I have a long run tomorrow, a half marathon. So mostly out testing my feet. No blood when I took off my shoes, so a win there. With all the walking to the race, around in the race to get started, then after the race down to a restaurant in the Circa, then back home, I did about seven miles. Tomorrow, with the walking to get to the race, the 13 mile race, and the walking to get back to the car,…

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    Story 55 And Running

    Still Going a Story a Day… And this weekend, Kris and I have a fun run. Actually, I have two. On Saturday, along with five or ten thousand others from Las Vegas, we will do the 5k Rock and Roll race. Really easy for us. Kris and I will walk four blocks from our home and then run around downtown, starting up Las Vegas Blvd and ending on Fremont Street before walking home for dinner. That should be great fun. Then the next evening I will manage to find my way to the Strip. That is no easy feat since the entire strip from the airport to downtown is closed…