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5th Year…

Of My Doing The Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon…

Here in Vegas. There is a 5k run on Saturday and then the half marathon on Sunday.

I have finished the half four previous years, very slowly, but I finished. And every year I have done it by myself in pretty nice conditions. I had personal issues each year, but I made it and it was grand fun.

This year a couple of friends are going to do the half with me and another is doing the 10K which starts with the half. So not alone this year. Yay!! (I mean when I say, “doing the half with me” is that they will start, then wait for me at the end. If they start behind me, they will pass me and wait at the end.)

This the race that closes the entire Strip from the airport to downtown. Amazingly fun.

But this year (as all of you here in the States are dealing with at this moment in time) is going to be very cold for us. It seems that after five years of living here, I do not own cold-weather clothing. Going to be layering weird stuff. Plus a stocking cap I got at a run two years ago and gloves.

Add on top of that the fact that I was not able to lose the extra weight as planned and I am way, way out of shape, and I am 72 years old… Well, what could go wrong? (grin)

Updates as the weekend goes on. This year might be the most interesting of the five. I just have to remember that finishing is winning. (see picture below… me at 71)


And One More Note: Those of you who got the letter on Teachable from me, that only goes until the 1st. If you are on WMG Teachable and didn’t get a letter from me, turn on your email on Teachable and then write me.


Picture is of me nearing the finishing line of 13.2 miles last year.


  • Cheryl

    This is great, Dean. You’d talked about how much you were looking forward to this. Didn’t know this cold had swept down into LV as well.

    I, on the other hand, am this morning completing a thorough sorting and analysis of my fonts folder and library, determining license information for everything. Wonder where that idea came from 🙂

    • dwsmith

      Really smart, Cheryl. Make sure it is all there. And yup, even over in LA they are bracing for a blizzard of sorts. Nasty storm headed east, folks.

  • David Wisehart

    I’m running again several times per week and find your running updates inspiring.

    You’ve got this, Dean. Bundle up and have fun!