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Exercise and Weight Challenge

I Started July 1st…

So today, Saturday July 15th, is the start of the third week. Time to check in with myself and reset some.

My overall goal was to lose 20 pounds by October 1st. And be back running solidly most if not all of a 5K.

I had been stuck on this weight for most of two years, and not willing to make the drastic changes it took to move off it, both in food and exercise.

What I needed was to do both. So switched my diet to healthy stuff only (fruits, veggies, protein), dropped drinking diet drinks of any kind, drank a lot of water, and watched the intake, cutting down to 700-900 calories a day. (Easier with fruits and veggies.)

At the same time I ramped up my steps to 10000 steps a day (5 miles for me).

Lost six pounds in the first eight days (too fast, mostly surface weight), then because of life stuff this last week, I didn’t do the exercise and stopped losing weight.

So this next week I am back to 10,000 steps minimum five days a week and other exercise on the other two days.

So restarting the exercise, food intake is great still. Feeling better already.

I’ll report back on August 1st. Hope to be down about ten pounds total by then and slowly starting to ramp up the running just a little.



  • Jason M

    Fish, vegetables, rice. Eat a little less than you need.
    Coffee, tea, water. In unlimited quantities.
    Walking, swimming. Everyday.
    Voila: weight loss.

  • Rob Kerns

    Hope all goes well with the challenge!

    How (or maybe where) do you get your steps? Treadmill? Indoor track? Outdoors? A combination of all of the above?

    I had a good record of daily walks until I picked up a (very) nasty case of poison ‘something’ (the doc thought it was either poison oak or sumac), and I stopped because I didn’t want the sweat to carry the offending oil anywhere that wasn’t already affected. It’s mostly healed now, and I’m looking to re-build that streak.

    I might even try a little dictation–or at least audio brainstorming–while I do it.

    • dwsmith

      All my steps are out in the world, mostly either around a floor here at the condo or around an indoor track at the gym. No treadmills for me.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Good restart! On my end, I’m laid up with an ankle replacement and can’t put any weight on my foot until the end of August. Three things have resulted from this condition:

    1. Using a walker and crab-walking the stairs is GREAT for the upper body! Every time I get up for any reason, the trip takes at least 5 minutes and my HR shoots up to a solid 120BPM, which is like doing casual intervals throughout the day 😊

    2. People bring me food. I’m too embarrassed to ask for junk food. This cuts out chocolate, ice cream, and so on. If I keep being embarrassed for the rest of my 6 weeks, I think I’ll see a change.

    3. Since all I do is sit, and since I am actively discouraged from doing any domestic tasks, I am able to do a bit more writing than I expected, some audio proofs of books ready to launch, updating covers for a series, etc. When my leg settles to where I can sit in my writing chair (instead of on the sofa, leg elevated and iced,) I’ll have better focus and will tackle my new Shopify store. But this isn’t bad, not bad at all.

    Those of you who CAN walk right now, how about you spot me an extra 1000 steps a day? Call it your Kate Challenge!

    • dwsmith

      Oh wow, does sound like a heck of a way to spend the summer. But sounds like you have great support. Take care on the recovery so by this time next year you can be going full speed.