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A Fun Run and Updates

6 AM is Stupidly Early…

Especially when you go to bed at 2 AM. It is still dark at 6 AM.

And yet off we went to be at a park before 7 on the other side of town for a charity run that honors Prince.

Now I did some running early on in the 5K and then just said, “Nope.” Walked the rest of the way. But we had a wonderful breakfast afterward at a restaurant we almost never get to because it is so far from our place. And I got my remaining four hours of sleep after I got home.

The Case Card Kickstarter campaign is doing great. Funded in just under an hour, went past the first stretch goal in three, and the second stretch goal in less than a day. We are now over half way to the next stretch goal, so there are going to be some great writing classes and books given away in this one.

In the next day or so I will post a few more stretch goals and announce them here. We still have 13 days left. How cool.

Plus the two special workshops only available in this campaign are going to be great fun. MUDER MOST COLD about writing cold cases and MURDER MOST MODERN about writing mystery stories with modern science involved.  Remember, they will never be for sale on Teachable.

So here are two pictures from this morning. First is Kris hanging our two medals for finishing. She ran the entire way. I mostly walked. Doesn’t seem fair that they look the same.

The second image is me at the Squeeze Inn after the run. I think it fits my attitude perfectly. And no, it will not be my author picture.


  • Kate Pavelle

    Well done, you guys! I’ve been following your running exploits with wistful admiration. Kris looks dynamite in that color, and you Dean look like a real cool cat in that photo! I can see why you said it won’t be your author photo, you probably had requests. But maybe keep it for the right occasion? It’s a really geat snap of a man who’d been places and who’s seen things, and who’s one of those kickass “old” dudes.
    Really, great for both of you!