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    Happy Holiday

    Hope It Has Been a Good One… And that you are not one of the millions trapped in airports. And are not doing Trains, Planes, and Automobiles to get home. What do two writers do on Christmas Eve? We worked for some hours this morning in our offices, then Kris went out for a run and I walked to our favorite pizza place to meet her. That’s right, wonderful pizza. And a wonderful walk home together. Then into this office to work some more, watch the Raider’s figure out a way to lose once again, them more time back in the office before I cooked us a steak dinner. Kris…

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    Holiday and a Cat

    Figured It Had Been a While… So tonight, a picture of the cat (Angel) who spends a lot of time on my lap watching my screen as I do posts. We put up one of three trees and Angel claimed it. It is now very festive around here. A cat and a Christmas tree. What more can you want out of a blog?  

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    Thanksgiving Holidays

    We All Have Our Stories and Traditions… I had no tradition for this holiday growing up. None. My family was so unpleasant at its very core, a holiday forcing all of them into one place was my definition of a nightmare. So after five years of being out on my own, my father and his new wife (worse than my mother, which I must say took some doing) were in Palm Springs over Thanksgiving where I had a nice place and was a golf professional. Stupidly, I offered to cook for them. The wife would have nothing to do with that, so she forced us to go up the Tram…

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    What Did I Do On My Holiday?

    Got That Question a Number of Times… Answer is basically the same thing I do every normal day of the year. I worked on getting the workshop sale up and going. You can read all about that in the last two blogs. 50% off until January 4th on everything on Teachable. (Just put in the code YearEnd after you hit purchase.) I worked with Kris at lunches on more classes. I will record those soon. And I did a bunch of recording as well including the Motivational Monday I just put up a bit ago. I wore a red shirt to record those because I recorded them on Christmas. (Does…

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    Only 60 Hours Left!!

    Just Hundreds Away From Next Stretch Goal!!! More free books and another free Pop-Up writers’ workshop when we hit it. And I think we can hit two or three more, actually. There are just 60 hours left on the WMG Holiday Spectacular 2021. But that is enough time. And the higher we go, the more free stuff every backer gets. And classes writers get. And remember the two special classes in this one. And discounts for other workshops. Plus the really cool part of getting an original holiday story every day from November 25th to January 1st.  That is 38 original stories. Yes, original stories!! If you are going to…

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    WMG Holiday Spectacular Kickstarter About to End

    Just Over One Day Left… This ends on Tuesday at 12 noon, folks and you don’t want to miss it. The 2020 Holiday Spectacular Kickstarter campaign is like we did 1n 2019, only better. For those who get the 2020 calendar in this campaign, you will get an original holiday story delivered to your inbox every day from American Thanksgiving (November 26th) through January 1st, 2021. (Yes, sort of an Advent Calendar using original short stories.) What a fantastic way to ride out of this crazy year. Over 25 professional writers have written original stories for this and the entire project is edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, award-winning editor. Kris also does an…

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    Fun Holiday

    With Running and Great Food and Friends… Started the day off getting up in the middle of my night, putting in the turkey to cook, picking up Steph and Val at 7 am and all four of us heading out to Summerlin for a Turkey Rock Fun Run. It was a cold but beautiful morning, sunny and no sign of the coming storm at all. So I kicked up to the 10K (6.2 miles) and didn’t set any records, but I did finish and got second in my old gomer age group. (Pictures below.) Then home to cook (yes, I cooked the basics of the dinner) and Chris and Steve…