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Only 60 Hours Left!!

Just Hundreds Away From Next Stretch Goal!!!

More free books and another free Pop-Up writers’ workshop when we hit it. And I think we can hit two or three more, actually. There are just 60 hours left on the WMG Holiday Spectacular 2021. But that is enough time. And the higher we go, the more free stuff every backer gets. And classes writers get.

And remember the two special classes in this one. And discounts for other workshops.

Plus the really cool part of getting an original holiday story every day from November 25th to January 1st.  That is 38 original stories. Yes, original stories!!

If you are going to give the calendar as a gift, it needs to be given early so the person who gets it will love it over the entire holiday season. But if you do give it late, we catch the person up by sending out what they have missed every Monday.

Anyway, it is a great gift and I am looking forward to reading all the stories through the 38 days. (Two of them are mine, so I might skip those. But maybe not. (grin))

So don’t let this one slip by. Just too much fun.

And now we are counting it all down.

WMG Holiday Spectacular 2021