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Fun Holiday

With Running and Great Food and Friends…

Started the day off getting up in the middle of my night, putting in the turkey to cook, picking up Steph and Val at 7 am and all four of us heading out to Summerlin for a Turkey Rock Fun Run. It was a cold but beautiful morning, sunny and no sign of the coming storm at all.

So I kicked up to the 10K (6.2 miles) and didn’t set any records, but I did finish and got second in my old gomer age group. (Pictures below.)

Then home to cook (yes, I cooked the basics of the dinner) and Chris and Steve York and Val Brook and Stephanie Writt showed up at our place around noon. Great fun. Again some pictures below.

So a great holiday all the way around. Now for some pictures.

First Steph and Kris and Val in the cold, beautiful morning ahead of the run.

Kris and I ahead of the run. The way Kris is looking at me, I must have just said something really stupid. She looks at me like that a lot.

Me crossing the finish line of the 10K.

Gavin giving me help with setting up the tree last night.

Where we ate Thanksgiving Dinner this afternoon. Tough view.

Chris and Steve and Steph and Val before dinner.

Steph, Steve, Val. Since all of them are 6’3 inches and taller, Steve had on a great shirt that he had done, so they made Writer plural with a sticky note. Steve is 6-6 I think.

And one more with Steve, Kris, and me. I’m six feet tall, which shows you how tall Steve is.

Hope everyone in the States had a great holiday. Always wonderful to spend it with friends.