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Stay Safe Out There…

Holiday Here In the States…

It seems a ritual on this holiday to blow stuff up for no particular reason. It scares all animals and really hurts all the military vets who saw one form of action or another while serving.

And down here where the temperature today hit 112 degrees F and is about 8% humidity, blowing stuff up with lots of sparks for some reason unknown to the idiots causes a ton of fires.

The professional fireworks displays put on by a few of the casinos make sense, and are done safely, but all the illegal fireworks are far from safe, especially in the hands of someone with four or five drinks under their belt. So Tuesday evening here will be a very loud, fire-staring, injury prone mess of tourists who don’t think anyone lives here and locals with little to no sense. Kris and I will be staying home and writing.)

Can you tell I hate this holiday. (grin) Please be safe.

Now for reminder of a topic a lot more fun.


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  • Linda Maye Adams

    Truth about the noises reminding veterans of war. Fireworks don’t bother me, but I went to the Mob Museum in Vegas a few years back. I was not prepared near the end when they played machine gun fire. I was seriously looking for a place to duck behind!

  • James Palmer

    Fireworks used to be illegal where I live in Georgia, but they got tired of people driving to Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama for fireworks when they could make money off the sale of them right here. People were shooting some off across the lake near where we live. It wasn’t too bad, but they started up Friday night, and I suspect they’ll be firing off their remainders tonight (7/5).