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Happy Holiday

Hope It Has Been a Good One…

And that you are not one of the millions trapped in airports. And are not doing Trains, Planes, and Automobiles to get home.

What do two writers do on Christmas Eve? We worked for some hours this morning in our offices, then Kris went out for a run and I walked to our favorite pizza place to meet her.

That’s right, wonderful pizza. And a wonderful walk home together.

Then into this office to work some more, watch the Raider’s figure out a way to lose once again, them more time back in the office before I cooked us a steak dinner.

Kris read and I came back in here after dinner, then a short nap and then we watched a Christmas movie.

Just about a perfect day.

(And I am calling what I am doing at the moment in this office “work” because it is not writing.

Tomorrow I will spend a lot more time in this office before we head out for an early dinner at a really nice restaurant.

Good luck to those of you stuck in the nasty storm. (You know, in Lifetime Holiday Movies they would call the storm “Superstorm Megan.”)

Have a great holiday, if you celebrate it. If not, just have a great day.


  • tony

    I hope your day is / was all you and Kris hoped for!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions; I’d say you ceertainly deserve a good pizza if you want.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • Vincent Zandri

    Happy Holidays to you and Kris, Dean. Got the word count in this morning over coffee like normal, Doing some business stuff this afternoon, and since I’m divorced, heading to a favorite wateing hole that puts on a big pork roast dinner. Not a bad way to spend the day in frozen NY…Gonna hit the ground running in ’23 with a new novel and a novella every month…Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • David Anthony Brown

    Not too bad driving through the river bluffs from Minnesota into Wisconsin. We went prepared with an emergency kit and gave ourselves plenty of drive time.

    Happy holidays!

  • Sheila

    Cold, but sunny, winds finally died down. (Getting over that artic storm the country was dealing with.) We went next door to Mama’s house, had a great dinner with her, my youngest sister, oldest son, and middle son and his girlfriend. Got some nice gifts, gave some, and were overall just happy as could be.

    No writing got done, because I’m still a total slacker and all-around time waster. But, the new year is coming and I’m making plans to turn it around and finally get back to regular writing and publishing. The Fates may fight it, but I’m determined!

    Best wishes for a safe and happy 2023 for all.