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What Did I Do On My Holiday?

Got That Question a Number of Times…

Answer is basically the same thing I do every normal day of the year.

I worked on getting the workshop sale up and going. You can read all about that in the last two blogs. 50% off until January 4th on everything on Teachable. (Just put in the code YearEnd after you hit purchase.)

I worked with Kris at lunches on more classes. I will record those soon. And I did a bunch of recording as well including the Motivational Monday I just put up a bit ago. I wore a red shirt to record those because I recorded them on Christmas. (Does that count as a celebration? Very bright shirt.)

I cooked a turkey on Christmas Eve day and we ate on that for three days.

We had planned a very nice dinner out on Christmas day, but we had reservations in a nice restaurant in a Strip hotel and both of us decided that wasn’t worth the risk to be with masses of tourists just off airplanes from Florida and Texas. Nope, so we stayed home and had turkey leftovers.

Tomorrow we would normally have lunch at the Circa Casino, but nope on that this week as well.

I put together the January issue of Smith’s Monthly and got it up to WMG and have been spending the day doing the last of what I need to do on Pulphouse Issue #16. Might take me a few more hours on that, but I will have it done tomorrow. Clearing the decks for my challenge to start.

This week I will do a few test short stories just for fun, see if my calculations on time are right. Other things like that.

So thank you all for the holiday wishes. That was very nice. And actually, Kris and I have three trees, with great lights. One tree you can see over half of downtown Las Vegas. So we have done a few holiday things. And it has been fun just being calm and having normal days.

So a reminder that if you want to jump into a class, a challenge, or a workshop in 2022, now is the time to grab it. Everything is on sale at 50% off on Teachable. Just use the code YearEnd.

Stay safe out there, folks. Make smart decisions.

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  • Judy Lunsford

    Yep. Quiet holiday here too. Not really all that different than a regular day, with the exception of adding Die Hard into the mix. We cooked at home, watched Die Hard (our Christmas tradition), and did our usual daily writing (me on some short stories, my hubby on his games.)
    A writer’s life is rather fun. (grin)