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    That Was Close!!!

    This Site Was Down!!! Seems we had not paid a bill because an old credit card was on the account and they shut this site down. Yikes!!! I did not notice it was down until 3:30 am. And I had no idea how to get into the hosting service to find out what was wrong. Or honestly what was our hosting service since we had changed it a year ago right before I crashed and burned on the 5K run. I emailed (on an outside chance) Lisa Silverthorne, the writer, who is a night owl like I am to see if she was up. She was and she quickly discovered…

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    Why Do Streaks?

    Day #4,031 of This Blog… Never missed, as I said yesterday. So why do this, or any other writing streak for that matter? The answer is simple… FOR YOURSELF You do it for yourself. Last year I wrote over 100 short stories in 100 days. Why? Because I wanted to. Thought it would be fun, and it was. Over the last few years WMG has had challenges we offer to writers on Teachable. A no-lose challenge. If they miss, they get what they paid in credit in workshops, if they hit the challenge, they get a lifetime subscription of their choice. Story a week, novel every two months, novella a…

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    Amazing Power

    Why Streaks and Challenges? I get asked that question a lot. Why do I pay so much attention to streaks and challenges?? I once again proved to myself tonight with this blog why. Let me lightly paint the picture. 3 am. The air outside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows of our bedroom was a cold-for-Vegas 43 degrees. Lights and computers were off in my office and I had watched all of thirty minutes of television downstairs before nodding off. I was shivering and just about to climb into bed to pull up the two blankets and two quilts to my chin when Kris rolled over and muttered the question she asks…

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    A Streak Without Desire

    How to Get Through a Streak Lull. As I said back a week ago, I have been doing this blog for ten straight years, without missing a night. But truth of the matter, I sometimes had no desire to write anything and nothing I felt was worth writing about. And if you are doing a writing streak, that will happen as well. Just the brain says, “Nope.” Not a block or anything silly like that, just a lack of motivation at that moment in time. So how do you get through that? Write a line, then another line, then another until you hit your streak goal. They do not have…

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    When a Streak Becomes A Pain

    For Example… This Blogging Streak… I really just want to go downstairs and watch a half hour of television before falling into bed. But nope, got to do a blog, even though my brain is mush and I have nothing that I even care about to say, let alone something anyone else would care about. On August 1st, if I make it that long, this streak will be 3,650 days long without missing a blog. TEN YEARS WITHOUT MISSING A DAY!  Seriously, who does that? So today is 3,575 days without missing, through power outages, computer failures (number of them) and web site failures (numbers of them). So here I…

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    A Quick Post for the Challenge

    Didn’t Want to Miss My Streak… And right now WMG Publishing site is down, and since we are sort of hooked up, I thought I had better get over here and get a post up before this site goes down as well from whatever is causing that site to be down. I’ll be back tomorrow with information on a bunch of stuff that I was going to talk about tonight. Oh, well. So typing as fast as I can with my fingers crossed. (grin) Night!

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    Nine Years

    Talking About the Power of a Streak… Nine years ago today, 3,285 days ago, I started a blogging streak. The idea was to blog about something, anything every day. (I had been doing a few blogs before that on the Star Trek boards and so on.) No excuses. Traveling, sick, computer failures, other more important things to do. None of that mattered. Blog had to be done. And for some reason that got into my DNA and now every night Kris even asks me if I got a blog done. As with all streaks, I had other motives at the start and never, in a billion years, did I think…

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    Going Light Tonight

    Been At This Computer Too Long… We are doing the mystery study along right now and I am recording the last couple of  Pop-Ups, so basically I have been at this computer since noon, so except for a lunch and dinner break, that is 13 hours and my poor eye is tired. Too tired to type anything of value here tonight. So going to do nothing but type a little to make my streak and call it a night. Maybe tomorrow. But at least the streak of almost nine years of daily blogging has held so far. Night.

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    Quick Post

    With a Longer One Coming Later Today… I am making this quick because my web site is blinking in and out of service for the last hour or so.  I thought that would be funny if the web site went down and I missed a blog right after 3,000. But like many times in the past eight years, it popped back alive long enough for me to post a quick post. Later in the day (Tuesday) I will be announcing here the start of a really cool 2020 Holiday Spectacular Kickstarter campaign. This is the second year we have done a Holiday Spectacular (basically an advent-style fiction calendar, where you…

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    Blog 3,000 Days in a Row!!!

    Without a Miss… Think that through…. That is 8 years, two months, and 19 days. A blog every day. Sometimes more than one blog a day if circumstances required it. Computer crashes… Yup! Internet connection failures… Yup! Power outages… Yup! Sickness and hospital stays… Yup! Kris very sick… Yup! Major move to new city… Yup! Major business office move… Yup! Biggest problem was nights I was too tired to care and had nothing to say… Those were the hard nights. Why do this? I have no damn idea, to be honest. None. Whatever reason I started this daily blog for (as I also started Smith’s Monthly on the same day) is…