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    Day 2,911

    Blog Streak is Approaching Eight Years… On August 1st, unless I miss between now and then, I will have done a daily blog or more every day for 2,920 days. That is through major moves, power outages, internet down, computer crashes, and nasty storms. Some blogs are like this one… filler because I am too tired to write anything of value. Some have been just me talking about my day. Some have been workshop news and such. A few have been book announcements, but very few considering that over those eight years I published well over two hundred books with my name on the front covers, including a ton of…

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    Stupidly Slow Reading

    Because the Writers Are So Good… And they keep pulling me into the stories, forcing me to enjoy them and read all the way to the end. (grin) In case you are wondering what that is all about, on some of the writers in the Great Challenge, I am stupidly behind in my reading. Way, way behind, but the writers who have been working on the challenge for a time, are getting darned good, pulling me into stories. So it is taking time and I am enjoying it and I have to move from the computer every thirty minutes for my eye, so taking even longer. But I will get…

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    The Power of a Streak

    Seven Years Without A Miss… Blog post every day, 365 days a year for 7 full years. 2,555 days. No misses. Going for another year. I have at the moment a bunch of lectures to finish on myths, a book on Trademark to post here chapter-by-chapter, a bunch more monthly workshops to talk about, and some silly stuff. So I’m going forward. But I had to nod at today as it went past. Sickness, travel, moving, building a business, internet outages, and a half-billion novels (or some people think I wrote that many), I never missed a day. I was even in the hospital at one point. Never missed. And…

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    If I Can Make It

    I Have A Blog Anniversay… In August, 2011, I lost one of my best friends, book dealer Bill Trojan. I was the executor on his massive estate and I lost almost a year of my writing and one of my eyes to that experience. So to get back writing, I came up with Smith’s Monthly for my fiction and started blogging daily on August 1st, 2012. Smith’s Monthly lasted 44 issues before going on hiatus for another emergency, but somehow, through it all this last year plus, my blog has continued. Not a clue how. (And Smith’s Monthly is about to return. Go figure.) So on August 1st, if I…

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    Filler Post to Keep the Streak Alive

    I’m Not Even Doing Email Tonight… I’ll catch all that up tomorrow. Saw a fun movie tonight (Shazam) and had a good dinner and then Kris and I walked all over the downtown Las Vegas area watching tourists to get our steps for the day. Beautiful night, perfect temps with a slight breeze. And the tourists were in rare Saturday night form. Well, maybe not so rare. Normal Saturday night form, with too much booze and not enough clothing for people who should be wearing it. And we didn’t even get near Fremont Street, which looked far too packed to think about walking along. So now off to get some…

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    Power of a Streak…2,417

    That’s How Many Days I Have Written Something… Without Missing!! How silly is that? Power outages, sickness, travel, you name it, I have lived it since August 1st 2012 when I started this writing here. My friend Bill died in August of 2011, so to get back writing a year later after dealing with his estate, I started writing posts here about what I was going to do. And the power of the streak just kept me going. Often the posts were nothing more than “I’m alive, here is a workshop.” Other times I have written chapters of books here. And will do that again coming up. When I count…

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    It’s Late, So You Get A Cat Picture

    I Know, I Know…  …But I had to keep my daily blogging streak alive and I have to be up tomorrow morning for a Webinar and such. And I didn’t feel like finishing any of the writing blogs I have started. So cat picture was the best I could think of. So now you have Gavin…

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    I Have To Put A Post Here Tonight

    Because of Not Wanting to Break a Six-Plus Year Streak… Stupid reason to post. I had a normal day today, even stayed away from email for the most part. Ran a 5K very early this morning. Then cooked a turkey dinner for me and Kris. From there it was ate too much, a lot of walking, more television, ate too much, more television, and done. A normal person’s day. So now the blog-posting streak continues. Two Great Deals!!! WMG Publishing this year, for the very first time in the almost ten year history of the company, is doing two special holiday reading mystery boxes. Both have over $250 in value…

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    Long Drive But Safely Home in Las Vegas

    Great Lunch In Boise With Friends… Then drove all the way through to Vegas. Took about 11 hours, with stopping every hour, so I’m tired tonight, but feels wonderful to be home. So I’m looking forward tomorrow to drop into some routines and get the writing back going. But for this Saturday night, this will have to be enough to keep the blog streak alive. Back tomorrow with some new stuff.

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    And the Streak Continues

    Long, long, long day… Finally got everything out of the house, then drove six hours. Didn’t leave the coast until around 8 p.m., fell asleep (meaning I took a nap) in a store parking lot in Salem, then drove until 2 a.m. and am now in a nice room in a nice hotel. Tomorrow I will be rested, but tonight, for the blog streak, I am writing this filler. Back with a brain tomorrow. (And I don’t even have a cat picture to add tonight either… what is wrong with me? (Grin))