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Why Streaks and Challenges?

I get asked that question a lot. Why do I pay so much attention to streaks and challenges??

I once again proved to myself tonight with this blog why. Let me lightly paint the picture.

3 am. The air outside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows of our bedroom was a cold-for-Vegas 43 degrees. Lights and computers were off in my office and I had watched all of thirty minutes of television downstairs before nodding off. I was shivering and just about to climb into bed to pull up the two blankets and two quilts to my chin when Kris rolled over and muttered the question she asks me every night when I come to bed.

“Did you blog.”

She is amazingly supporting of this blog, but me, freshly under those warm blankets and quilts, could not remember or care at that moment. But there was a sinking feeling down to my very cold feet that I had not.

After a moment she asked the question again and I said I had not.

“Go do it,” she said and rolled over in her warm blankets, leaving me to go back out into my much warmer office, turn all the lights back on, the computer back on, and write this blog for the 7,419th straight day without missing.

Now that is the power of a streak. Use the power for your writing. For your exercise routine. For the good of humanity. Whatever. I am going back to bed.


  • Laura Ware

    Thanks in mart to you, I know the value of a streak. It let me write a short story a week for 52 weeks last year, and I’m over 800 days writing something every day.

    THe writing streak gets me to my computer when I’d rather not go. So yes, streaks are powerful.