Quick Post

With a Longer One Coming Later Today…

I am making this quick because my web site is blinking in and out of service for the last hour or so.  I thought that would be funny if the web site went down and I missed a blog right after 3,000. But like many times in the past eight years, it popped back alive long enough for me to post a quick post.

Later in the day (Tuesday) I will be announcing here the start of a really cool 2020 Holiday Spectacular Kickstarter campaign. This is the second year we have done a Holiday Spectacular (basically an advent-style fiction calendar, where you get an original holiday story by a professional writer every day from November 26th to January 1st.

It was great fun last year, so doing it again. Kickstarter launches later today (Tuesday).

So onward with the streak if this gets posted. (grin)