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A Streak Without Desire

How to Get Through a Streak Lull.

As I said back a week ago, I have been doing this blog for ten straight years, without missing a night. But truth of the matter, I sometimes had no desire to write anything and nothing I felt was worth writing about.

And if you are doing a writing streak, that will happen as well. Just the brain says, “Nope.” Not a block or anything silly like that, just a lack of motivation at that moment in time. So how do you get through that?

Write a line, then another line, then another until you hit your streak goal. They do not have to be good words, just the best you can do at that moment with that attitude.

That will keep the power of the streak alive. And the power of the streak is very important to your overall writing and driving yourself to the writing computer. And more chances than not, the sentences you wrote will be all right, if not good.

And this post is an exact example of just that. Streak still alive. Night.