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    Writing and Recording…

    Spent Most of the Day Doing Both… So by the time I turned my attention to this blog, I was way too tired to think about more myths and more choices. So how about a cat picture instead? A picture of the beautiful Miss Suzy who lives with the writers Chris and Steve York, or from what I understand, she allows them to live with her. And the little orange guy is our Gavin, He is now 21 pounds and a love and a main member of promotion central. This was a picture taken a few days after we rescued them both.

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    An Attempt At Working With Angel

    Not Easy… Angel is our Tonkinese cat who we rescued from a shelter about a year ago.  Kris talks about her and our other two boys all the time on Facebook. The three of them are “Promotion Central.” But tonight, as I tried to record Motivation Monday 3rd week of the 4th Quarter, Angel wanted attention between running around and yelling. Up until a month ago, she would never just jump up on my lap here at the computer, but now she just surprises me as she lands squarely on my lap between me and the keyboard. That caused a couple videos to be started over tonight. Below is a…

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    Things To Do… And a Cat Picture

    Had Ideas for a Blog Tonight… I was going to do Chapter Four of Wet Blanket Reality, but then, to be honest, I didn’t feel like being that negative at the moment. I’m in a positive mood about the new year and the new challenges and doing the Motivational Mondays, so I don’t need to rain on someone’s parade at the moment. I will return to that book and finish it in January. Besides, no one who reads this blog regularly is actually thinking of going to what is left of the traditional publishing world. But I still want to finish the book because I have a Storybundle I want…

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    Running Picture and Cat Picture

    After Laughing at a Beginning Writer’s Ego… In the last post, I figured I had better post two pictures. First one is of my hoping to the heavens after running over six miles that someone will meet me in about fifty steps on the other side of the finish line with a wheelchair. No one did. First 3.1 miles was all uphill. Oh, my… Second picture is of our cat Cheeps looking as handsome as ever.

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    A Special Cat Picture

    Because I Am Exhausted from CES… I finished up the series blog post on wanting to make stories special that is right ahead of this one. So thought before I staggered off to bed I would show you a picture of Gavin on his and Cheeps new cat tree. I was trying to finish up a few letters, but my eyes are blurring. So if I owe you a letter or response, tomorrow. No CES for me tomorrow. Night…