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Writing and Recording…

Spent Most of the Day Doing Both…

So by the time I turned my attention to this blog, I was way too tired to think about more myths and more choices.

So how about a cat picture instead?

A picture of the beautiful Miss Suzy who lives with the writers Chris and Steve York, or from what I understand, she allows them to live with her. And the little orange guy is our Gavin, He is now 21 pounds and a love and a main member of promotion central.

This was a picture taken a few days after we rescued them both.


  • Philip

    I used to have a Maine Coon just like that! He was very wild and rambunctious but am excellent mouser!

    Dean — quick question. I know song titles are not copyrightable. Does that mean you can use a song title as your book title? Bear in mind, the story itself never mentions the song, artist, or lyric quotes. For example, could you title your novel “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” or “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”? That sort if thing.

    • dwsmith

      Nope, but for other reasons. Those are also lyrics in the song and thus does not come under fair use. The rule is NEVER use anyone else’s song titles or lyrics in your work. If it is a short story, no editor will buy it, and if you publish it as a novel you are taking the chance of a copyright violation of which the amount of money fine you can not imagine.

      Make up your own stuff. Never take anyone else’s work. Period. No exceptions.

  • Philip

    I also meant lyrics as a book title too nut not inside the manuscript. “Is He Rich Like Me” etc.

    • dwsmith

      No. Just simply stop trying to take other people’s work. Really is that simple. Just stop. If someone else wrote it, don’t use it. Don’t think I can be any clearer than that. And go learn copyright, because that question tells me you do not know even the basics.

      • Philip

        Dean you’re correct. I don’t know jack about Copyright and need to learn. I already brainstormed better titles of my own anyway. Thanks for your input!