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An Attempt At Working With Angel

Not Easy…

Angel is our Tonkinese cat who we rescued from a shelter about a year ago.  Kris talks about her and our other two boys all the time on Facebook. The three of them are “Promotion Central.”

But tonight, as I tried to record Motivation Monday 3rd week of the 4th Quarter, Angel wanted attention between running around and yelling. Up until a month ago, she would never just jump up on my lap here at the computer, but now she just surprises me as she lands squarely on my lap between me and the keyboard. That caused a couple videos to be started over tonight.

Below is a picture of me holding Angel at the computer. If I would have kept holding her, she would have fallen asleep in that position. And I just couldn’t let that happen because Kris and I are doing two 5k charity runs tomorrow, one stupidly early with Donny Osmund, and another after dark with Zombies. Both should be a blast and I’ll see tomorrow morning how I do in my age bracket again. But now I need to finish this and get to bed and get at least five hours sleep.