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    Hit Another Stretch Goal with 24 Hours Left!!!

    Almost Done! Ends 7 pm Thursday, West Coast Time. So still a full day to get a workshop or some fun books or a subscription to Pulphouse Fiction Magazine to help it through the new year. Now, after hitting this most recent stretch goal, every backer of any reward gets 5 Pulphouse anthologies, Fiction River: Risk Takers, and four Pop-Up classes for writers (yes, readers, you can give them away) worth $600.00. And every backer gets a six-issue subscription. Total value for the workshops, the books, and the 6-issue subscription is just over $670.00. Do don’t miss this one, and don’t miss the two special workshops. Only 24 hours left…

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    Only Four Days Left in Pulphouse Subscription Drive!!!

    Wow, This Has Gone By Quickly!! Pulphouse Fiction Magazine is just like any other magazine in one critical way. We need subscribers to stay alive. And that is what this Kickstarter subscription campaign is all about. Subscribers. Now granted, we sell copies and get subscriptions during the year, but not enough to stay afloat and pay the professional rates to all the authors. As the editor, I don’t take a salary, and the work at WMG Publishing is folded into the overall costs of running the business. But we won’t do a project if the project does not pay professional rates to the authors. Period. So that is what this…

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    Kickstarter Workshops

    The Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter Has Great Writing Perks! A lot of our different Kickstarter campaigns have writers workshops and class perks. Our current Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription 2020 Kickstarter seems to have some really great ones. For example, not only can you get two major Lifetime Subscriptions at half price, but you can also get 3 Regular Workshops, 3 Pop-Up classes, or 3 Classic Workshops at half price. And with each one you get a year’s subscription to Pulphouse. In the Stretch Rewards, if we make them all, you will get the following new Pop-Up Classes worth $150 each for no cost. Just for supporting the Pulphouse Magazine campaign…

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    Fixed Some Stuff

    My Site Is A Fraction Better… All the stuff across the top of this site now directs to full pages. Fiction, Series Reading Order, Nonfiction and so on. All link now to full pages with buy buttons and a ton of information, and all up to date. That’s a stunner. And many of the books are in our own WMG store. Not all, but as we do new, they get put in there, and the old books are added when we touch them. What I also found fun today was when I saw the image of all the issues of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine so far. I hope everyone knows we…

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    Pulphouse Got A “Project We Love” from Kickstarter

    Funded in Under Two Hours And then about 15 minutes later Kickstarter gave us the “Project We Love” designation, which is wonderful. So off to a good start. Now to get to the first stretch goals and start getting all backers fun books full of great stories and also some great Pop-Up writer classes. So give it a look at Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive And here is the video of me talking about it. (Might have to click it twice if it doesn’t start the first time.)

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    Pulphouse Subscription Drive 2022 is LIVE!!

    Just launched! This is to support Pulphouse Fiction Magazine subscriptions. You can get a year (6 issues electronic or paper) and a bunch of other stuff, including all 12 of the Pulphouse anthologies we have done, plus the two special ones as well. And workshops! The two special workshops are nifty and ONLY OFFERED THROUGH THE KICKSTARTER. So don’t miss those. And other regular workshops, including lifetimes. So take a look!  It’s live. Pulphouse Fiction River Subscription Drive 2022

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    Diving Into the Wreck is Free!!

    Doing a Bookbub On Diving into the Wreck. The first book in Kristine Kathryn Rusch DIVING SERIES, Diving into the Wreck is free for a few weeks. Normally it is $5.99, but there is a Bookbub on it and you can get it free for the next week or so. If you have not yet met Boss and been introduced to this massive series, now is the time. Lots of books in the series. Great reading. The link to find it free on your favorite store is: https://books2read.com/u/47kdKj PULPHOUSE FICTION MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION DRIVE 2022 The campaign is going live in a week or so. Going to have some really fun…

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    Last Kickstarter Workshops Housekeeping Post…

    All Regular Rewards Are Out… Yesterday I sent out all the codes and information for the Special Workshops and regular workshops that were sold in the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter. And last week a new issue of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine went out to all old and new subscribers. All paper books are sent out and drifting in the mail, so they will be arriving as the mail allows. Tomorrow, all supporters will get the codes to the five Pop-Up writing classes that were in the stretch rewards. So watch for those tomorrow. And then finally, by the end of September, all six of the Pulphouse collections that were stretch rewards…

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    A Success!

    Support for a Lot of Writers… That’s what the success of the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive means. A lot of writer’s stories get published over the next year in six issues of the magazine, and in six different collections as well. In total, over the next year ,we will publish about 180 short stories from top fiction writers. And more readers get to read the writer’s work. Maybe find it for the first time. Another win for the writers. Let me give you just a basic breakdown of costs. Each issue costs around $4,000 in just author costs. Let me repeat that… Just author costs… Sometimes a little more,…

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    Last Day!!

    And We Are Close to Next Stretch Goal! Just $900 away. If we hit that, all backers get another fun book of stories, plus another Pop-Up Workshop for writers. So please help us pass the word. Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2021.  We finish at 7pm this evening, WEST COAST TIME. And the success of this subscription drive really gives Pulphouse Fiction Magazine a secure future for the next year. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am about that and relieved. The magazine has always been my baby, in both incarnations. So thank you, everyone, for the support. Now, if we can just hit that last stretch…