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Coming Up With Titles

I Love Titles…

Anyone who knows me knows I often start stories or novels with just a smashed-together bunch of half titles and fire up writing.

But tonight I was coming up with Pulphouse Fiction Magazine anthology titles. Anthologies of stories from the pages of the magazine to use as stretch rewards for the new Pulphouse Fiction Magazine subscription drive Kickstarter we are putting together.

Most of you know Pulphouse has been on a short break while I regained my eyesight. It is back, as much as it is coming back, so now Pulphouse can return. But with a nifty change.

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine is going monthly.

Yup, monthly, meaning a new issue every month. Of course we are going to need everyone’s help through the Kickstarter to make this really work, but honestly I’m excited and I think we can do it.

So tonight I came up with some head-shaking titles for anthologies. The Kickstarter campaign will have some fun new stuff from us, as well as our standards like great workshops and other great books and reading.

Going to be fun. Stay tuned here and I will announce the campaign when we get it ready to fire.

Monthly magazine… now that is really Pulphouse crazy.


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