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Hit Another Stretch Goal with 24 Hours Left!!!

Almost Done!

Ends 7 pm Thursday, West Coast Time. So still a full day to get a workshop or some fun books or a subscription to Pulphouse Fiction Magazine to help it through the new year.

Now, after hitting this most recent stretch goal, every backer of any reward gets 5 Pulphouse anthologies, Fiction River: Risk Takers, and four Pop-Up classes for writers (yes, readers, you can give them away) worth $600.00. And every backer gets a six-issue subscription.

Total value for the workshops, the books, and the 6-issue subscription is just over $670.00.

Do don’t miss this one, and don’t miss the two special workshops. Only 24 hours left to sign up for them.

And if we hit that last stretch goal, everyone gets even more fun stuff.

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2022 Kickstarter.



  • Agathe

    I hope you’ll forgive me slipping a compliment into the comments for *this* post… which is off-topic for this post.

    Just want to thank you for the way you describe creative voice as “the white-hot heat you feel when creating.” I love having a piece of imagery to chase, as I feel about for my own creative voice (which I’ve also heard you say you imagine as being in the back of my mind). It’s just super helpful that you describe it, and advocate for it, and insist that we let it do what it knows how to do. For context, I think I’m what you would say is a Stage Two writer. At least I hope I’ve gotten that far.


    thank you thank you thank you!!! for being the voice you are.

    …and I didn’t allow myself to edit a damn word of this before posting it

    not even adding ending punctuation

    it hurts

    but I’ll leave it

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Agathe. Might want to try the Writing into the Dark six week workshop to learn how to really bring out the creative voice and edit as well in creative voice.

      Also, soon going to have an “Advanced Writing Into the Dark” three week class to add to the first one. Once you see it and really understand how to activate that creative voice all the time, you will be even more amazed.

  • Jim

    Dean, though this question doesn’t apply to your post, have you considered doing a regular class or pop-up on using Patreon to further your income?