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Fixed Some Stuff

My Site Is A Fraction Better…

All the stuff across the top of this site now directs to full pages. Fiction, Series Reading Order, Nonfiction and so on. All link now to full pages with buy buttons and a ton of information, and all up to date. That’s a stunner. And many of the books are in our own WMG store. Not all, but as we do new, they get put in there, and the old books are added when we touch them.

What I also found fun today was when I saw the image of all the issues of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine so far.

I hope everyone knows we are doing a Pulphouse Kickstarter for subscriptions to Pulphouse and have hit the third stretch goal, so the fun free stuff is starting to add up. But we really need more to help us get through the next year (six issues).

So I thought it would be fun to show you here all 19 of the issues so far. Here is the nifty picture.

And yes, the December issue again this year will be a holiday issue.