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Holy Smokes… Two Bundles

Books in Two Storybundles at the Same Time…

First off I have a book in the Storybundle I curated by the name of Visions of the Future. Ten great science fiction books in there by some great writers.

Image of the ten books below. Get it at

Then I also have a book in a Storybundle Robert Jeschonek curated basically called Weird. The book I have in there is a Pulphouse  short story anthology of really whacked out stories titled THAT’S REALLY MESSED UP. Great writers in that anthology, but then you look at the writers in this bundle and you just shake your head. Jeschonek has outdone himself this time on the weird.

Get it at

So two fantastic Storybundles. Some amazing reading, scary cheap price for a short time only. Don’t miss on either one.

Here are the images of the books in the bundles. Visions of the Future first. Weird second.

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  • Kate+Pavelle

    OMG, “Boarding Instructions” by Ray Vukcevich! I have felt like that picture so many times, I may have to get the bundle for that story alone! This bundle is just what the doctor ordered against dark evenings and splatty weather.