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Back Tomorrow…

Back to Full-Time At All This Tomorrow…

Today I turned in another issue of Smith’s Monthly and did some email catch up today, but tomorrow I am going to spend most of the day catching up on email and reading manuscripts and other stuff. (Maybe a nap or two as well.) So hold on if you have been waiting for me to respond on something, I do appreciate your patience and I will be catching up tomorrow and Saturday.

And after a week or so I will be starting to get ready for my new challenge. That one will take some ramp-up and I will talk about it here as I start.

But first a ton of stuff to get caught up.

And I will do a workshop update on some workshops that have lagged a little earlier next week.

So lots of stuff happening at once. Stay turned.

And I will also have an update from Kris on the Fey. Seems things are going better, but slower than expected, so expect that update later this weekend through the Kickstarter.