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Finished the Half Marathon

Not Fast, but Finished…

I purposely made myself keep a slower pace because I am still overweight from my running weight and have been so stupidly busy over the last three weeks I haven’t trained at all. My goal with the scar on the bottom of my foot was to just finish. (Scar ended up not bothering me at all.)

So started off with so much traffic around the closed Strip, I just gave up getting too close and parked about 1.2 miles away from the finish exist and it was another two miles to get from my car to the starting line. So total for the day just right at 18 miles run/walked. Mostly walked. More than I expected, I must say. And that last mile plus back to the car was pure torture.

Fantastic fun running up and down the Strip at night with 25,000 runners and four or five times that number along the strip and cheering from the pedestrian bridges.

Started off in the middle of the Strip, ran out past the airport (way beyond the famous sign), turned around and came back in on the strip. All the way to downtown, around a few blocks, then back out to the middle of the Strip. 13 plus miles.

Kris met me around mile eight and walked a mile with me downtown, since the course went right past our condo building coming in and going back out. (We live one block off the Strip.) She brought me a protein bar and energy thing and two Advil. Helped a lot.

This might be the most fun race I do. The energy, the Strip at night, all shut down, is just amazing. Painful when you are 71, overweight, and out of shape, but still worth doing. Might have helped a little if I hadn’t done the 5K warm up last night as well, but it was fun as well.

So now, as planned, I am going to go rest, not do a story tonight and catch up later in the week. Very much worth it.

Pictures in a day or so. And I ended up with three awards. One for the 5K, one for the Half Marathon, and one for doing both.

Fun, but now I need to go fall down.