Short Run Down

Long One to Go…

Great fun. Seemed like a billion people but guessing around twenty thousand. I ran some, walked a lot, mostly because so many people and I have a long run tomorrow, a half marathon. So mostly out testing my feet. No blood when I took off my shoes, so a win there. With all the walking to the race, around in the race to get started, then after the race down to a restaurant in the Circa, then back home, I did about seven miles.

Tomorrow, with the walking to get to the race, the 13 mile race, and the walking to get back to the car, I will do over 17 miles, so really going to test the sore foot. And other things. (grin) The run goes right by our condo, so Kris is going to meet me and walk the downtown part of the run with me. I can bail at that point if the foot is too bad, but I doubt I will.

I had a blast tonight, even though Kris and I were in different starting groups. But one of the things I will always remember was the announcer as I approached the finish line, running.

Bars on both sides of the street and a ton of people standing around waiting for others. The announcer said,

“Hey, everyone, give a great cheer for 71 year old Dean Smith finishing. ”

I put my hands up like Rocky as everyone in the bars and along the sidelines cheered.

I guess the announcer was shocked. (grin)