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Cattitude Story Bundle

Great Fun!!! A Cat Storybundle…

And wow does it have cats in it. Lots and lots of cats.

Get it at

Kris curated this one and it is named after a Pulphouse book Cattitude that I edited. I’ll let Kris describe the bundle here. Don’t miss this one!!


The 2021 Cattitude Bundle – Curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

This bundle thrills me. Often, I curate StoryBundles filled with books I’ve read. Always, I curate with authors whose work I like. But as I curate them, I’m aware that I am a moody reader who rarely wants to read what’s prescribed. So, with the books I have only read parts of or haven’t read at all, I put them in a To-Be-Read pile to finish when the mood strikes.

With cat fiction, though, the mood always strikes me. I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to read a cat story. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ll do whatever I’m doing, unless I’m petting one of my three cats.

Many of the books in this bundle combine cats and magic. It seems a proper combination. Cats can twist themselves into the strangest positions. They have an uncanny way of loving us or torturing us (depending on how they feel about us). They have a mysterious edge, even if they’re the friendliest cat on the planet.

Some of the books include romance with their magic and their cats. Before I was married, I knew I could never have a relationship with someone who didn’t like cats. It was, I thought (and think), an unrecoverable character flaw. So right there, even before I ever edited anything, I thought about cats synonymously with romance.

Cats, with their magical ways about them, can facilitate relationships.

They can also find killers, as they do—to great effect—in our mystery novels. (They too are filled with magic.)

We also have steampunk (science fiction?) cats, cats who understand time travel (don’t they all?) and cats with so much courage that they put superheroes to shame.

We have cats, cats, and more cats. Not enough cats, of course, because as readers, we can never have enough cats in our literature.

I’m feeling lucky as a curator, because we also have four exclusive books in this bundle. Four books that you can only get here. These four books did not exist before the summer began. I’ve read bits of all of them, I haven’t read them all.

So you can guess what my leisure reading is going to be in the next few days. It’ll probably be similar to your leisure reading—or at least, I hope it will. Because you don’t want to miss this one. It’ll only last three weeks, and then it’s gone.

Oh, and before you go, do consider adding some money for our charity, AbleGamers. AbleGamers enables folks who are housebound to experience a life outside of their homes without leaving the safety of their place. (I suspect indoor cats would approve.) Able Gamers tailors gaming consoles and other equipment to individuals so that they can participate, make friends, and spend time with others, without leaving their homes.

Four exclusives, lots of cats, and a chance to help others. What a great way to celebrate the last month of summer. Kristine Kathryn Rusch