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Some Covers…

Just For Fun!!

Since I might have had the hardest workout today moving since I ran that marathon in November, I have no brain for anything tonight, so since I had not displayed Smith’s Monthly #51 covers yet, thought I would do so.

Cover for #51 and #52, as well as all five short story covers. #51 is the July issue and will be out shortly, meaning the next day or so. The move pushed it back in the month.

All short stories each issue will be up for sale about the time the next issue comes out. And The Big Tom short novel is also now in a cat bundle.

So some covers I did. Poker Boy stories have a different theme and brand.


  • Annie Reed

    I love those covers! Especially the one for Dannie Finds a Home. Creating covers can be really relaxing and a lot of fun.

  • Kate+Pavelle

    Wow, Dean! I love them, and I especially like the Poker Boy story cover. It’s a lesson in how to make letters pop. I keep looking at it, studying how you did the gradient. What did you use to make the bottom of SMITH come out in such 3D contrast, if you don’t mind me asking? It’s masterful.

    • dwsmith

      Actually, that one and another have a few flaws I didn’t get to fixing due to time. Notice on the Poker Boy, there is a gray line below Smith. That is not supposed to be there. I didn’t extend the art up enough was the problem to kill that line.

      Basically there is a black box behind the art and I fade it with a gradient feather from nothing at the bottom to black at the top. The font has a slight drop shadow and a interior bevel and emboss.

      I did the gradient feather better at the bottom of the art so there was no line. Can’t believe I missed the line. Not like me, so clearly I was tired. (grin)

      The entire template on Poker Boy was done by Allyson. She is the master.