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Almost to Fourth Stretch Goal…

Just $500 Away…

I am talking about the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Kickstarter campaign.

When we hit that 4th stretch goal, all backers will get a really fun book called GHOSTS AMONG US which are stories out of Pulphouse Magazine that I am editing.

And all backers will get another $150 value Pop-Up writing class called WRITERS DEADLY DELUSIONS. This pop-up is designed to help you avoid the many things that can stop a writing career cold. And wow are there a lot of them.

This subscription drive is doing fantastic and I want to thank those of you who have backed it. Keeping Pulphouse going and healthy is wonderful for writers and honestly for me as an editor, even though I don’t make a cent from it. I just love doing it. Truly a project of my heart. It was back in the early 1990s and it is ever more so now.

So thank you!


  • Mary+Kennedy

    I’m hoping for the Kickstarter to make it all the way to the sixth stretch goal. I want a book of Pulphouse Christmas stories.