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Cattatude Story Bundle

Don’t You Just Love Cats?

I have always been owned by cats. Actually all my adult life except for a few years when I was traveling too much. I love cats, so I did a bundle with all cat stories in it and a bunch of really great cat writers. This is my blog for that bundle at

Being a writer, it seems being owned by cats is almost like a requirement for the job description.

What do you do for a living? Fiction Writer.

Owned by cats? Yup.

And one of the great elements of cats and writers is that writers tend to write stories with cats in the story. Logical. The cats are always just there, so we add them into
all kinds of stories. From mystery to science fiction to high fantasy. Every type of story imaginable, a writer has put a cat in it.

And yes, I am no exception to that rule.

And neither is my wife, writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch. In fact, in this bundle, Kris has added in her Fates Trilogy, three of her fun fantasy novels in one bundle written under the name Kristine Grayson. Yes, all kinds of cats.

For those of you who don’t know, Kristine Kathryn Rusch is a USA Today and New York Times bestseller with almost 200 novels and hundreds and hundreds of short stories to her credit.

So when I started to put together this fun bundle, after getting the bundle from Kris, I got a book from German author Katharina Gerlach, who goes by the name Cat. Not kidding. She had a wonderful book titled THE INHERITANCE that is a fantasy retelling of Puss in Boots. A really fun read.

Cat has published almost thirty novels and books, mostly in English, and has had her stories picked up by major magazines and anthologies, including I must say, my magazine, Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

Staying with fantasy books for the moment, Barbara G. Tarn writes mostly fantasy novels and short stories of all types. She sent in a novella titled OTHERSIDE where a cat turns into a man through a magic steampunk world portal and it gets even crazier from there. Really fun.

I also got from writers two different paranormal mystery novels that have cats. The first novel is from Bonnie Elizabeth titled UNFAIR MAGIC which is in her Familiar Café series. Bonnie not only writes about cats, but she lives with cats as well. She volunteers at animal shelters, works as a veterinary receptionist, writes for cat newsletters, and actually blogs as her cat at times. And trust me, you are going to love her Familiar Café series.

The second paranormal mystery I got was from T. Thorn Coyle titled BOOKSHOP WITCH. This is in her Seashell Cove Paranormal Mystery series. Thorn is a prolific writer of both fiction and nonfiction, and since I am sure you will love BOOKSHOP WITCH, at the moment, keep in mind that she has two other books out in the series you will enjoy just as much.

Moving from paranormal mystery to straight cozy mystery, Debbie Mumford offered up DELECTABLE MOUNTAIN QUILTING which is in her Kristi Lundrigan series. Not only are cats featured in the mystery, but notice the cat on the cover?

Debbie is a very prolific writer who is known for writing mostly fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction as well as cozy mystery under her Debbie Mumford name. She also writes science fiction and fantasy for young adults under her Deb Logan name.

Now taking cozy mystery even one step farther into the cat world, Ryan M. Williams gives us THE TASK OF AUNTIE DIDO in his C. Auguste Dupin series. And this book is from the cat’s point of view. Great fun and it works completely as a cozy mystery. Ryan works as a full time librarian while also being a very prolific writer in numbers of genres.

I added a novella into the mix called BIG EYES. The novella is in my Pakhet Jones series. Pakhet is a superhero in the world of cats, existing in the Poker Boy universe. And yes, in this novella, Poker Boy makes a couple of guest appearances as Pakhet and other gods and superheroes struggle to find out who is attempting to kill cats with a powerful new weapon.

For those who don’t know me, I am a USA Today and New York Times bestselling writer of over 200 novels and many other books. I also edit the popular cross-genre magazine Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

Now, a bundle called CATTATUDE would not be complete without two books full of cat short stories. So I contacted Annie Reed, a writer of immense skill and a cat lover bar none. She just happened to have a collection of cat stories called UNEXPECTED CATS which are tales of fantastic felines. Annie was nice enough to hold publication on the collection so that it could be exclusive to this bundle.

I have bought a story from Annie for every issue now of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine. That’s how good she is.

And to round off the bundle, a year ago Kris and I edited THE YEAR OF THE CAT, twelve volumes of nothing but cat stories. So I thought it would be great fun to put in one of those titled A CAT OF FANTASTIC WHIMS.

Enjoy the stories in the YEAR OF THE CAT and, after the bundle is finished and you have read all the wonderful books and stories in here, if you are still hungry for more cat stories, check out the other eleven volumes.

And remember, when you grab this fantastic bundle that will only last for three short weeks, toss in a little for our charity, Able Gamers. A fantastic cause.

I hope you enjoy all the great cat stories in this bundle. I sure had a wonderful time putting it all together.

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  • Judy Lunsford

    Unfortunately, I am allergic to cats, but I love them anyway. I am currently owned by a dog. He is the best boy ever.
    I do write about both cats and dogs because they can be such amazing characters. I wrote a book about a cat who teaches a dog to be a magical familiar for the mage he lives with. It was great fun to write! But I do tend to focus more short stories around cats. Must be the writer thing. (grin)