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Workshop Sale and Curriculum Update…


Go to

Then hit “See All Courses” and find the course you want. It will be half price by hitting Purchase and then on the top of the next page put in the coupon code:


That will get you the class, the workshops, the lecture, or Pop-Up at half price. And you can buy as many as you want, but you have to do it one at a time since Teachable does not have a shopping cart.

The MidWinter sale will last until Thursday, February 24th at 7 pm. In essence ten days total.

And yes, all the challenges are half price as well, including the new Novella Challenge. You can sign up and then start at any time you would like.

March workshops are also up (April ones will be in a few days). In March we are starting the new Secrets in Craft workshop.

And yes, all the lifetime subscriptions are available for half price as well.

And don’t forget all the nine-week long collections workshops. In fact there are four available in March/April.

Spies Collection Class is the new one. The also available are Relationships Collection Class, Heroes and Heroines Collection Class, and Fantasy Collection Class. You will have a full five-story collection published by the time the nine weeks are done.

Again, Go to

and hit see all courses and then if you want to sign onto one, hit Purchase and on the next page put in the code:


To get anything at half price. Only will last for seven more days now.

Any questions, feel free to ask me.

Workshop Curriculum 2/15/2022

I’m going to divide these down into areas of study.

And the numbers are my suggestions on the order to take these workshops because many of them build on others. (Two types of workshops are included. Regular and Classic.)

All workshops and courses can be found on Teachable. Just hit “see all courses.”


1… Depth in Writing
2… Advanced Depth (Depth required)
3… Writing into the Dark (Depth required)
4… Teams (Depth suggested to help)
5… Killing the Critical Voice
6… Research (Depth #3) (Depth required)
7… Information Flow (Classic workshop…Depth suggested)
8… Endings (classic workshop)
9… Writing with Speed (Depth required)
10… Pacing (Classic workshop)
11… Writing with Emotion (Classic workshop soon)
12… How to Use Tags in Fiction Writing (Classic Workshop. Depth required)
13… How to Study (Classic Workshop)
14… Secondary Plot Lines (Classic Workshop)
15… Advanced Character and Dialogue (Classic Workshop)
16… Point of View (Classic Workshop. Depth suggested)
17… Author Voice (Classic Workshop. Depth suggested strongly, as well as Advanced Depth)
18… Cliffhanger (Classic workshop)
19… Plotting with Depth (Classic Workshop. Depth required)
20… Novel Structure (Classic Workshop)
21… Power Words (Very advanced)

These twenty-one workshops will jump you so far ahead in your writing skills, you won’t be able to see it, but your friends and readers will. And I know, interesting that Teams workshop is the 4th most important, but trust me, it is a foundation course and important.

All workshops have six weeks of videos and five assignments and response video. About 45 videos per workshop.

Don’t worry about the Advanced Character title in the Dialog workshop. It was just a name that got stuck on it to help people understand it.

One way to take all these courses at a reduced price is to sign up for the lifetime subscription to workshops. All of these workshops, classic and regular are in the subscription. Everything is on Teachable.


MORE CRAFT-FOCUSED COURSES (Depth suggested for all of them except Ideas)

… Character Voice (classic workshop)
… Adding Suspense (classic workshop)
… Ideas (classic workshop)
… Character Development (classic workshop)
… Expectations (Classic workshop)
… Writing in Series (classic workshop)
… Writing Short Stories (Regular workshop)

No suggested order on these, but the order above would do.

Next day or so I will do more curriculum updates because of the sale happening.



  • Cheryl

    Dean, your call-out about Teams piqued my interest, but damned if I can find it. (Did both search and scan.) Thx!

    • dwsmith

      It’s a regular workshop that is on a two month cycle. It is going now in February, which are no longer available, and will be offered again in April and I don’t have those posted yet, but will in a few days. (grin)