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Writing and Workshops and Smith’s Monthly

Scary Busy Day…

I finished getting an issue of Smith’s Monthly to WMG publishing for copyediting. Then in a few days I will need to lay it out. I wrote a good 2,000 words in introductions and stuff for the issue. Also had an hour-plus meeting with WMG on different stuff.

I also did a ton of workshop stuff today. And a lot of assignments. (I don’t count all those words and letters in my total.)

And tonight I wrote a 3,000 word Thunder Mountain short story called “Yesterday’s Cold Grave.”

So wow are my eyes tired and I need to keep this blog short. So just going to tell you about the workshop sale again… Don’t want to miss this one and any questions, feel free to ask me.


Go to

Then hit “See All Courses” and find the course you want. It will be half price by hitting Purchase and then on the top of the next page put in the coupon code:


That will get you the class, the workshops, the lecture, or Pop-Up at half price. And you can buy as many as you want, but you have to do it one at a time since Teachable does not have a shopping cart.

The MidWinter sale will last until Thursday, February 24th at 7 pm. In essence ten days total.

And yes, all the challenges are half price as well, including the new Novella Challenge. You can sign up and then start at any time you would like.

March workshops are also up (April ones will be in a few days). In March we are starting the new Secrets in Craft workshop.

And yes, all the lifetime subscriptions are available for half price as well.

And don’t forget all the nine-week long collections workshops.

Again, Go to

and hit see all courses and then if you want to sign onto one, hit Purchase and on the next page put in the code:


To get anything at half price. Only will last for nine more days now.

Any questions, feel free to ask me.



  • Michelle

    Will Secrets in Craft repeat monthly? I’ll be on vacation with spotty internet the first week of March; need to decide whether to sign up anyway or buy future workshop credit.

    • dwsmith

      yes, it will repeat every month for six months, then depending on how it goes, will either go to every other month or go to classic status. But at least for six months.

  • Emilia Pulliainen

    Looking forwards to the Secrets in Craft workshop.

    I have the lifetime subscription and I finished Endings. I’d recommendanyone looking at the half price-price workshop sale to check the description. There were things I’ve been doing intuitively, but hearing Dean explain why it works takes the uncertainty way, and I learned a lot of new information.

    Also I think Pacing was great. I remember looking at the description and thinking “this is exactly what I need”. I did the assignments and then I’ve listened through atleast twice. The workshop and Kris post Punctuation, Voice, and Control -post helped me relax with ellipses, dashes and the shape of words on the page. And hitting the return key.