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Holiday Spectacular 2022 Coming!!

Yup, That Time of the Year…

On Tuesday at noon West Coast Time, the Holiday Spectacular 2022 Kickstarter will fire up. Lots of great rewards and other cool stuff, and every backer will get the Holiday Spectacular 2022.

For those who didn’t get in on the last three years, the Holiday Spectacular is a brainchild of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s. For every day from American Thanksgiving (November 24th this year) through January 1st (39 days), those who get the Holiday Spectacular 2022 will get an original holiday story from over thirty top fiction writers delivered to them to read in any device the reader might want.

That’s right, 39 original holiday stories, all by over 30 professional writers. (This year I got to write three… Kris was nice to me.)

More on this next Tuesday when it launches, but we have the standard promotions page up where you can get Kickstarter to alert you when it launches. To see that, go to

One thing different this year that you will notice right off is that we got lucky to find the fantastic artist Bob Giordana. Not only did he do the art for the covers of this year, but he did the art for all the books from the previous three years. Wow!  Just Wow!!

More on all this on Tuesday when the campaign launches. (And yes, there will be workshops where you can learn fun stuff and write for Kris for next year’s Holiday Spectacular.)

Here is the cover for one of the books this year with the cover art by Bob.

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