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All the Art

Took Me Two More Hours Today…

I found all the art for eighteen more book covers this afternoon and evening. Finding art I feel is the hardest thing about doing covers, and since I had gotten behind doing covers for all the January stories, I just decided to look for it all at once. So I would created a folder for the story that said say “Story 10 The Galactic Missing”

Then I would move the word.doc of the story into the folder and open it, glance at it to remember the story, then go to find the art. In the case of “The Galactic Missing” which is a Seeder’s Universe story, it was art with spaceships. I would then upload the art to the same file where it would be ready to use when I did the cover.

Also added in all the file information and copyright information for the piece of art. Seeders was one of the simpler ones. The Bryant Street stories were the toughest. By far.

But got the art for all 31 all set, so covers will be quick now. And then I will attempt to not get so behind February.

Tonights story which I again started late is a Marble Grant story with the title “Will You Still Love Me In About Twenty Minutes?”

So tomorrow going to do not one, but TWO fiveK runs. I plan on walking the first one in the morning, come home, take a shower and a nap, then run the timed one in the afternoon. Should be a lot of fun.



  • Daniel

    Hey Dean,

    Can’t wait to see the artwork. When do you reckon you’ll have a release date on Stories from January? I’ll be first in line to buy a physical copy. I think I’ve visited your blog every single day this year following your challenge. You’re a real inspiration.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks. And Short Stories From January will be out in April, and then as the challenge goes along, one book every month after that for twelve months.

    • dwsmith

      Because that has to be listed in the book copyright page and also if anyone comes back and says I don’t have the right to use that, I can prove that I do. You must keep track of that copyright and name and other details of all art!!