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Quick Update Tonight…

Got a Lot Done Today…

Worked all day on workshops, and doing a lot of recording. Also worked on covers and downloaded 14 pieces of art for short story covers. I can tell you that took some time. Another 15 or so to go and I will be almost caught up.

The art is the hardest part, so figured I would just do all the ones I was behind on all at once. Then the covers will take me ten minutes each  to finish and I can get more raw stories to Patreon.

I hit my challenge tonight even with a very late 12:30 am start. A really twisted Bryant Street story that I even used the Rod Serling voice for the opening and the last line. Bryant Street is where Twilight Zone lives.

So I did a 1,700 word story in just about an hour and a half. Pretty fast for me.

So now since this day has been non-stop, I am headed to watch some television to shut off my brain so I can sleep.