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A Lot of Stuff for Writers…

Great Fiction and Fun Books…

Plus two special workshops. “How to Write a Pulphouse Story” and “How to Monetize Short Fiction.” (Both also get you a one-year subscription to Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

Plus half-price on 3 Pop-Ups, 3 Classic Workshops, and 3 Regular workshops. (They are rewards or add-ons and also get you a subscription.)

And wow do we have some fun Pop-Up classes and books for the stretch rewards.

The entire thing launches in about 10 hours at noon Tuesday. Check it out if you get a chance.


  • Amy

    Some great rewards for writers (as ever, with your Kickstarters!).

    The ‘How to monetize short fiction’ workshop sounds interesting, but does it go beyond the ‘Selling Short Fiction’ workshop and the ‘Selling Fun’ pop-up?

    • dwsmith

      Way, way beyond and very focused on making money with short fiction. Way beyond anything we have done before, actually.

  • Ed Teja

    Your comments on the way you use time, looking at writing in terms of blocks of 1000-word hours rather than days or weeks, was a wonderful boost. After 10 days with the novel challenge, I was comfortable enough to sign up for the two new workshops. There is enough time to do them while meeting the novel challenge. It should be loads of fun, and I’m looking forward to both.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Ed. Yeah, thinking in blocks like that sure takes a lot of pressure off. Kris does the same.