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Worked All Day On Kickstarter and Move

And I Also Put Together an Issue of Smith’s Monthly…

And finished a novella.

Yeah, sort of a busy day. (Giant understatement.)

With Kris’s pushing to keep us on schedule, we spent part of a second day just sorting art. I didn’t realize just how many signed pieces of art we have, not counting things like monster movie posters (originals in good shape) from the 1960s. (I will sell those eventually.)

And maybe a good 100 Pulp magazine cover art, reproduced on cloth. All going to storage.

So much of our even signed art is just going into storage. We have a stunning amount of room for art in our new place, but not even close to being enough just for the good stuff.

And in a few places we have to put up basic stuff that we don’t care if it fades. Or that we can switch in and out of storage regularly.

Kris and I both love art, especially fantasy and sf art, and over 40 years we have collected a lot of it. Very fun to go through unless you are on a tight deadline. Which we are. Ahh, well, next time or maybe some lazy weekend in the storage unit. (which is 10 x 30 climate controlled.)

We will launch the Pulphouse Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday at lunch. The basic first page is at:


  • Mark Kuhn

    That sounds like a huge collection! My favorite artists include Frazetta, (of course), Freas, DiFate and Chris Foss. And let’s not forget Ralph McQuarrie’s Star Wars work.

    • dwsmith

      Stupidly huge and the problem is it was not collected with anything in mind but “I like that.” At one point we were also into framing our book covers. Well, that stopped after a hundred or so, but a hundred framed book covers is pretty damn annoying to move. We will have maybe five up on the walls when all done. (We have the original art for Kris’s first novel and the original art for my first novel as well. Both large oils from way back. But we have so much light in this new place, they have to be hung off in the dark somewhere. Kelly Freas was a friend of ours and we have a dozen of his prints or originals. Never much liked Frazetta, so none of his, but got a fantastic Elmore collection. He’s a fun guy. Got some original Eggelton since his first cover for Aboriginal on the first issue of the magazine was for a story by Kris. Got that one. So that’s how it worked. No rhyme or reason to the collecting, just stuff we love and wanted along the way over 35 years.

      • MARK A KUHN

        Wow, Kelly Freas was a friend of yours? How cool is that? Among my all-time favorite pieces of his is the cover for Queen’s 1977 album, “News of the World.” All his art evokes a sense of wonder and his style was a perfect fit for where sci-fi was at the peak of his career.
        Cool stuff, Dean.