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Pulphouse Kickstarter is Live!!!

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2021

Just went live at Kickstarter.

Check it out.

Any magazine to survive needs subscribers and sales and Pulphouse Fiction Magazine is no exception. We have so far used these Kickstarters as a way of generating subscriptions.

And we use the Pulphouse books to get authors more money than the professional rates we already pay. And to help promote as well.

And the workshops we do in this also help fun the next year of the magazine.

So take a look at Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2021.


  • Britt+Malka

    Nnnnnnggggg…. I want both workshops 😀 And the magazines.

    Great Kickstarter.

    is there a lot of difference between the upcoming “How to Monetize Short Fiction” and “14 Pop-Up… Making a Living with Short Fiction” and “Insider’s Guide to Selling Short Fiction?”

    • dwsmith

      You get a subscription with the workshops. (grin) And yes, there is a huge difference in How to Monetize than those others we have already done. And half of the stuff has come into place just since we did those others, actually. So well worth the time. In fact, both of those three-week workshops will be two of the best.