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Yes, A T-Shirt and a Mug…

To Everyone In the Challenge Yourself…

Challenge Yourself to write 2,024 words per day for 2024.  Get a mug with the cool saying on it and a t-shirt (Lifetime Everything folks can buy the mug and t-shirt.) just for signing up. See the previous post for more details on the challenges.


All lifetime subscription and a few other bundles are half price only through the 1st.  Check out the details here…

Also the bundle for the new 52 week class CREATIVE SURVIVAL is in that sale and also the bundle for the new MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY.

Advanced Craft Classes 2024 Starting Up

These are nine-week craft classes. The six 2024 advanced classes are:

  • Advanced Dialog
  • Advanced Humor
  • Advanced Endings
  • Advanced Information Flow
  • Advanced Genre
  • Advanced Emotion

Advanced Dialog starts on Tuesday as well as  repeating the 2023 classes with the Advanced Pacing starting off on Tuesday.


Lifetime Everything Offered This Last Time…

WMG Publishing is thinking of suspending further sales of this fairly soon, and this is the last sale we will have on anything in the workshops for maybe the rest of 2024. So if you have been thinking about getting the Lifetime Everything Subscription (best deal we have ever offered), I would not hold off too much longer and this is the last day it will be on sale.


A 2023 picture of me followed by a 2024 picture of me. I lost ten years in the orocess.

Hope you are having a great start to the new year.



  • T Thorn Coyle

    Looking good, Dean! I finished up the last Decade Ahead videos over breakfast this morning and launched into the Creative Survival videos and said, “Wait a minute! Did Dean shave?”


    I’m really looking forward to this year, writing and business-wise. I have a lot of exciting plans and some good systems in place. Grateful for the classes in keeping my thinking flexible. Grateful for the other writers out there sharing info on what’s working for them, too. Grateful for all the wonderful books to read!

    As for the world in 2024? All we can do is keep helping each other make it through.

    Love to you and Kris.

    • dwsmith

      Yup, after twenty-plus years. Lost ten years in the process. Even a waiter after our 5K this morning at our favorite restaurant saw me come in and said, “Wow, new look for a new year.” Yup!

  • Dwayne Plain

    The WMG classes have been some of the best I have ever taken. I recommend them to everyone wanting to learn the craft. I can’t thank you and Kris enough for sharing your knowledge.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Dwayne. And really big email coming from me to you. Let me know directly if you didn’t get it.

  • S. H. Miah

    Loving the hair Dean, I’ve got long hair too (grew it out during COVID). It’s a hassle sometimes, especially drying after showers, but feels nice for a change.

    Random question (apologies if this would’ve been more appropriate as an email), but are there genres where one type of depth is less required than another?

    I was reading a psych thriller by an author who’s written over thirty or fourty novels, and the book really gripped me from start to finish (read it in about two days or so). But looking back, there was barely any setting depth, just character depth in every chapter with first person narration, which is quite common for psych thrillers.

    It still had depth, but pretty much no setting depth. Is this a problem necessarily, or can the balancing of each depth change depending on the type of story being written (example, YA romance having more voice depth than setting, with epic fantasy having far more setting depth in comparison)?

    • dwsmith

      Depends is the answer. No rules, not even a general guideline. Clearly the author knew how to hold you, that was all that mattered. Study how the author did it, so you can do it in your books. Don’t look for rules. There are none.