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Targeted Sale to Get Ready for 2024!

Just Trying To Help…

At WMG Publishing, we now only do workshop sales when we start a new Shopify store. But now that we have four Shopify stores, we have no set time in 2024 to start a new one. Going to let the first stores just build. So no workshop sale.

But we got talking and we figured that for a few targeted classes to help writers through 2024, we could do a targeted sale. This is not for all the Teachable classes, just a few targeted things. We have never done this before, but if we figure it helps a few writers going into the new year, it is worth the shot.

So here are the classes that are half price on WMG Teachable if you use the code:


  • Lifetime Subscription to Everything
  • Lifetime Subscription to Workshops
  • Lifetime Subscription to Pop-Ups
  • Lifetime Subscription to Lectures
  • Lifetime Subscription to Study Alongs
  • Motivational Monday Bundle (new in 2024)
  • Bite-Sized Copyright Bundle (recorded in 2023)
  • Decade Ahead Bundle (recorded in 2023)
  • Advanced Craft (9-week classes) Bundle 2023 (all offered in 2024)
  • Advanced Craft (9-week classes) Bundle 2024 (all new in 2024)

All other workshops and classes and such are regular price.

The 2023 Advanced Class Bundle Includes…


Only the bundle of all six is half price. You can get each class at regular price.

The 2024 Advanced Classes Bundle Includes…

  • Advanced Dialog
  • Advanced Humor
  • Advanced Endings
  • Advanced Information Flow
  • Advanced Genre
  • Advanced Emotion.

Only the bundle of all six is half price. You can get each class at regular price.

Go to WMG Teachable

Use the code:



  • T Thorn Coyle

    If anyone is on the fence, both Decade Ahead and Bite Sized Copyright are well worth the time. I’ll be continuing to study the Copyright videos well into 2024.

    I also enjoyed the previous round of Motivational Mondays.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Thorn. And more than likely, if a major copyright case comes down, I will add some more videos to that Bite-Sized copyright and let everyone enrolled know they are there. Copyright changes keep going even after the class stops. (grin)

  • Aniket Gore

    All the courses are so good, specially the Decade Ahead. So much nudgets and sure I will be returning to this course every year. Looking forward to all the advance classes in 24. I’ve started reading one book from a stage 4 writer every week, so I should have enough examples to turn in for those assignments. In 23 I always struggled to turn it because I haven’t been reading all those stage 4 writers.