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Two More Days to Sign Up For Challenges…

Jump In For the New Year!

These four challenges will shut off on the 5th.

  • 2,024 Words Per Day in 2024 (Mug and t-shirt included)
  • Kris’s Fresh Start Challenge
  • Dean’s Challenge Full
  • Dean’s Challenge Half

Lots of details on these in the last four blog posts. All available on Teachable.

As for the regular challenges of a short story per week, a novella a month, a novel every two month, or the publishing challenge, they can be signed up for and started at any time.

If you were in Kris’s sprint challenge or my two challenges from April, please send me your total word counts in the next two days. Kris and I will go over everything then and get back to everyone.

Also the Advanced Craft classes and Regular Workshops are starting up.

Bring Heath into the Picture for the New Year…

2023 was a sucky writing year for me because of health issues. Eye problems for the first of the year, smashed shoulder this last part of the year.

But I am back ramping up the exercise and eating healthy and will stay focused on it going forward. I don’t think I have had such a stark awaking at how health directly impacts writing. And since I want to be writing for decades and decades more, doing what I can to stay in shape is critical.

In that vain, Kris and I started off the year with a 5K charity run. Flipping beautiful day. I did not run any of it yet, just walked. It’s a start. Here are some pictures.





  • Kate Pavelle

    Yes about health. I can attest to the fact that having 2 joint replacements took more recovery time than expected. The hip was so easy, I figured the ankle would be only a little harder (it’s a lot harder 😁). I used to resent having to drive out to physical therapy and spend all that time doing what seemed like insignificant exercises. I did it though, and I have them on my accountability board along with my writing goals, and everything else. A shiny magnet gets to mark every day I do them.
    Does it take extra time?
    Yes. It totally does. I had to reprioritize my schedule. I am prioritizing around my health and shooting for a complete, hundred percent recovery. There is no other way and the time needs to be spent. I can’t wait until I can hit the wall at the rock climbing gym again – that’s a solid goal for somebody in my condition.

    Writing wise, I am following along with the 2024 word a day challenge. I did the Great Dean Challenge last year and didn’t write as much as I wanted to. However, I wrote more than I would’ve without it! I’m calling it a win.