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Year of the Cat Study Course

First Three Videos Are Up…

… For the first three stories in book #1. And also the third book link is there for those of you in the class to get and read the third book. So starting a little late, but should be through the first two books by the end of August and into Book #3 in September on time and target. I emailed everyone signed up for the class, but so many people have opted out of email, so putting it here as well.

Update on Kickstarter Best Practices…

Loren and I are working on a pretty extensive checklist and study document to help fiction writers determine how much to ask for in their campaign. Kickstarter is all or nothing, but too low and you look like a beginner to readers, too high and you won’t fund. It is a tricky balancing act that we will finish up and post this coming week.

Update on Collaboration Workshop…

Expect that four week class on how to do it to start in a week or so. The four weeks will be spread over eight weeks so everyone has time. And then after that we work on the collaboration writing part, which is going to be a blast.

Update on Shared World… Cave Creek….

I have been writing a number of short stories to deadlines, but now that they are almost finished up and the move is done, I will be back writing the Cave Creek novel and will report here on my blog my progress and how it was to get back into it after all these Covid months. After that a bunch more videos on Shared Worlds and a bunch more on how to write in them, then early this fall everyone signed up can do some stories in the world if you want. Should be fun.

Update on the Decade Ahead Class… 

Kris and I are going to talk about this one, now that this pandemic is going to stay around for a while. There is a way for writers to come out of this period of time (if they stay healthy) with a real running start at the decade ahead with their writing. So a ton more videos about that coming up.

THE RETURN OF BOSS Kickstarter campaign is less than $300 from hitting the third stretch goal. If we hit that, every backer at the $5 level and up will get an electronic copy of Kris’s novella THE END OF THE WORLD. Also everyone will get access to the Pop-Up:  How to Write a Novella. Trust me, novellas are form unto themselves. This is a $150 class. And even more with the next stretch goal. So pass the word.

Also, this next week, we have a really, really nifty surprise and addition to the campaign that is so, so cool. All Diving fans are going to love it. Stay tuned on that.


    • E. R. Paskey

      Wow, talk about an action-packed update blog! Lots of cool things here!

      Looking forward to your take on how to gage a Kickstarter campaign goal. That ought to be very interesting, not to mention helpful! Very much enjoyed the first week of the new workshop.

      Also very much looking forward to reading the Cave Creek novel. Also pumped about more Decade Ahead videos and getting the perspective you and Kris have on this quarter and the next ten years.

      Also, excited about the upcoming Diving surprise….