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Site Down for 12 Hours…

And since I didn’t think it would come back up tonight and I wanted to keep the blogging streak alive, I posted a say-nothing blog on Facebook. But now, here at 2 am, the site is back up. So here is what I said on Facebook to keep my blog streak alive…


Blog post here tonight… Very short.

11 PM… My web site is down and even the pros and top developers at my server and another company are trying to figure out what has happened. They will get it solved, but more than likely not in time for me to write my nightly blog, since it has been down now for about ten hours.

Kris offered for me to do the blog on her site, but I figured here on Facebook would be fine and dandy to keep the streak alive and well.

So this is blog post #2,926 in a row.

This is the 5th time in eight plus years I have worked around a web site being down, but my first time reverting to Facebook. I was also in the hospital at one point in those eight years, sick in bed numbers of times, and out of town a lot of those days. And I did two big moves as well.

So here is blog #2,926 in a row, about nothing but blogging for over eight straight years every day without missing. Yup, one of those blogs you can miss. (grin)



(And that was what I said on Facebook three hours ago. Folks at my server are amazing, working into the night to fix whatever the problem was. Thank you!)